VR-Zone.com Shutting Down As We Know It – New Project Launching August/September [Updated]

Update 8/11/2014:  There seems to be some sort of internal struggle going on. Since this has now become a matter of choosing sides and a completely domestic issue, this is going to be our last update on this matter. From what you all can see, the roster has changed completely with the old writers gone and some fresh blood in. Make of that what you will.

Update 8/4/2014: I had an opportunity to see some details of VR-Zone and it looks like the company is in a real mess. Most of its staff has left for BSN's New Publication but a few have stayed behind to fulfill some contractual obligations that will be over by this week. However, the website remains active with a few contributors still posting. These will probably keep posting for some time.

Today is a very significant day for our colleagues that work for VR-Zone.com and subsidiaries, because I just got word that the beloved tech site is  going to be put to rest as we know it. However, its 'spirit' will live on anew in a project that will will launch in Early September. Judging from an editorial post by BSN (Bright Side of News) it would appear that some part of the team is migrating there for the time being. VR-Zone shutting down, rebooting

Farewell and Good Luck to VR-Zone.com - Team to get a New Home in Early September

VR-Zone and its subsidiary Chinese VR-Zone were one of the few sites that could be relied on completely and utterly for authentic information. Being one of the few sources that always delivered, the entire team at Wccftech Prvt. Ltd, would wish them good luck for their future endeavors. Sam Reynolds, Editor VR-Zone, got in contact with me this past hour and revealed the bittersweet news. While it would seem that the VR-Zone we knew and loved is gone (the site appears to be still up) I am told that we should stay tuned for a re-embodiment of the project that might launch by next month.

"While a series of unfortunate circumstances have lead to the demise of the VR-Zone we all know, its spirit will live on with a new project that's being launched in late August/early September." - Sam Reynolds told me via email.

The human resource side of Bright Side of News is also undergoing some heavy changes and we can see that the editorial board of VR-Zone is setting up shop for the time being. Sam Reynolds (Editor), Chris Low (Branch Manager, Chinese.Vr-Zone) and Han Wei (Chief Editor, Chinese.VR-Zone) are among the few mentioned coming onboard the 'new' BSN. Though we don't know exactly what the 'unfortunate circumstances' were, it is none the less saddening to see a great initiative come to an end. Here's to hoping that their new initiative is just as successful as the old one was.

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