Vine Update For Apple Watch Will Finally Show Favorited And Featured Videos


Users have been waiting to play videos on their Apple Watch for a long time. Even though it might not be the most convenient of all options, the ability to play videos on your wrist sounds pretty cool. With the recent Vine update, users have been bestowed with the ability to watch videos right on the Apple Watch.

Vine app has been updated that brings videos on the Apple Watch along with a new audio based feature which we will talk about later on. The app has been updated to version 4.4.0 that allows users to take advantage of two distinct feeds. Along with this, Vine has also brought a new complication to the Apple Watch that lets users access their content much faster.

Let's see some additional details on the app update and how can we add Vine complication on the Apple Watch.

Set Vine Complication On Your Apple Watch For Loop Counts

Users will now be able to watch videos that they have 'favorited' as well as view vines from the 'Featured' category. The update also enables users to perform certain operations from their Apple Watch such as Like and Revine. For Vine users, there are also some other options included in the Watch app that lets them keep track of the statistics of their profile.

Another major addition in the Vine app update for the Apple Watch is Complications. Basically, Complications on the Apple Watch are widgets that update information on the go. The new Apple Watch Complication allows users to see total loops as their account total, and also allows users to open the app right from the Complication.

To add a Complication, press and hold the Watch screen to select a watch face. Choose any watch face with complications and tap on ''Customize''. Select the place where you want your complication to appear on the watch face and scroll to the Vine option. Your complication will be added

The new Audio feature which we mentioned earlier allows users to spontaneously make their own personal Vine using the audio of the other video. This is the new Audio Remix feature which will prove out to be pretty handy for users. Moreover, the update has also made room for more features, like the ability to swipe left or right to shift video.

Download the app if you haven't already and watch videos on your Apple Watch. As for now, share your thoughts about the update in the comments below.

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