Verizon LTE Advanced Officially Announced: Promises 50 Percent Increase in Peak Speeds


It’s officially here; Verizon LTE Advanced (LTE-A) network is officially live in 461 cities across the US and according to the firm, the latest change will be able to deliver up to 50 percent faster performance in peak download speeds. Given below is all the information that you are searching for.

Verizon LTE Advanced Will Upgrade Your Speeds Without Any Extra Costs – Lists of Compatible Devices Have Also Been Provided

If you were looking for the list of phones that are compatible with LTE-A, we have provided you with the list below. According to Verizon, there are no extra costs incurred in introducing this speed upgrade.

List of phones that are compatible with LTE-A

  1. Apple iPhone 6
  2. Apple iPhone 6 Plus
  3. Apple iPhone 6s
  4. Apple iPhone 6s Plus
  5. Apple iPhone 5 SE
  6. Apple iPad Pro
  7. Apple iPad Pro 9.7
  8. Apple iPad Air 2
  9. Apple iPad Mini 4
  10. Asus Zenpad Z8
  11. Blackberry PRIV
  12. HTC 10
  13. HTC Desire 626
  14. HTC One M9
  15. LG V10
  16. LG G4
  17. LG G5
  18. Motorola Nexus 6
  19. Moto X
  20. Moto Z Force Droid
  21. Moto Z Droid
  22. Motorola Droid Turbo 2
  23. Motorola Droid Turbo
  24. Netgear MHS AC791L
  25. Novatel MiFi i6620L
  26. Novatel MiFi USB620L
  27. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus
  28. Samsung Note 5
  29. Samsung Galaxy S6
  30. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
  31. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
  32. Samsung Galaxy S7
  33. Samsung Galaxy View
  34. Samsung Galaxy Tab S2
  35. Samsung Galaxy Tab E 8.0
  36. Samsung Galaxy Note 7
  37. Sony Xperia Z3v
  38. Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet

You’ll obviously be interested in the speed results, and according to Verizon, your typical download speeds will be around 5-12Mbps. However, should you see the better end of two-channel LTE-A, then those speeds could peak up to 225Mbps. However, if you get into three-channel LTE-A, those speeds could go higher than 300Mbps. The word you should pay attention to is peak. It means the maximum threshold of the downloading speeds that you can possibly achieve.

This does not necessarily mean that the average download speed is going to be as high as the ones mentioned above, so we’ll leave you to run benchmark tests and show us a screenshot of those results.