Verizon Leaks Google Pixel Phone’s Additional Information, Including New Color Models


There are a good 10 hours remaining for the official announcement from Google regarding its Pixel and Pixel XL, but Verizon has managed to spill some additional information about the two smartphones. This information will probably lead you to make into making a better decision when upgrading to a new Android handset in the foreseeable future.

Verizon Leaks a New Color Model for the Google Pixel Phones, as Well as the Available Storage Capacities

Thanks to Verizon, we now know that there are going to be a total of three color variants of the Pixel devices:

  • Silver
  • Black
  • Blue

One other feature that Verizon managed to leak about the handsets is something called ‘Google Magic’. It’s definitely a feature listed, but sadly, there is no description of what it will actually do. Hopefully, when one of the executives get up on stage and decide to showcase ‘Google Magic’ in front of our eyes, we will know more about what it can do. As for the strengthened security, that’s a feature that all pure-Android devices are known for. If you want the best security and software updates to be released for your device first, then you’d best be owning a Pixel smartphone, or a device with the brand name Nexus labelled on it.

One other thing you should know is that you will have two storage options to choose from: 32 and 128GB of internal memory. Since these devices are not going to arrive with expandable storage, you should take your sweet time in deciding which one to get. If you’re going to keep your device for a significantly long period, then it’s highly recommended that you invest in the 128GB storage model. At times, even 32GB of internal memory might fall short, even for casual users, so make sure you have plenty of storage available at your disposal.

Disappointingly enough, there isn’t a 256GB storage model included, but that would be a bit overkill because 128GB is definitely the sweet spot for storage lovers. What Verizon didn’t cater to is the pricing and availability of these devices, but with only a few hours remaining, looks like we’ll get to know about these elusive details now, won’t we? If you want to know more about what’s going to be announced today, be sure to go through our Google’s October 4 event roundup so that you are brought up to speed.