Verizon Is Offering the Best Galaxy S9 Deal – Buy One and Get One Free [Limited Time Offer]


Both Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ are available to buy right this instant in the U.S. and if you are not a Verizon user, then they have come up with an offer that will make you more or less their loyal customer instantly. With the purchase of a single Galaxy S9 unit, you can avail another one absolutely free.

If you want to know more details regarding the deal, Verizon has been kind enough to dive into the necessary details and explain more on this.

“How it works.

Buy one Samsung Galaxy S9,

get one free.

Buy two of these devices on monthly payments: Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9+.

Get your promo credit on your monthly bill starting within 1-2 cycles.

Up to $929.99 device payment purchase per device required. 2nd phone of equal or lesser value: $799.99 promo credit applied to account over 24 mos, starting w/in 1-2 billing cycles; promo credit ends when balance paid or line terminated; 0% APR. New line of service required.”

If you want to get a free Galaxy S9+ instead of the smaller handset, then you will have to pay an additional $130, which is an extremely great offer considering the exclusive features you get with the 6.2-inch flagship. This will include the bigger screen, larger battery capacity, and dual-camera upgrade. If you want to check out the Verizon BOGO offer, click on the link below to place your order immediately.

Buy one Galaxy S9 and get the other one for free.