V9 BlacX Edition Case from Thermaltake.


Thermaltake revealed its new chassis which is the world's first mid tower case with integrated dual bay docking station. The V9 BlacX Edition case comes with a docking station at the top from which users can easily swap 3.5" and 2.5" Sata drives. The case also comes with USB 3.0 connector which offers faster transfer speed and the user doesn't has to reach the back of the case to insert the USB device. Other connectivity ports include a USB 2.0 ports and Audio jack to plug in micro phone and USB headset's. The case is totally toll free with 10 bays and offers 7 PCI expansion slots.

Thermaltake has also given special attention to the airflow of the case and for this the fan comes with a 230mm Silent fan at the top for exhaust and a 120mm fan at the back which is also used as exhaust fan. There's also a 120mm at the front which is LED and helps cool the drives alot. The case is also ready for liquid cool setups with two holes for 1/2", 1/8" and 1/4" water tubes in back. Airflow is also improved by 2 pre-drilled ventilation holes on each side panel of the case.

The case has rubber feet at the bottom to let it stand up a bit for the PSU to blow hot air out and also a Dust filter beneath the PSU mounting place so minimum amount of dust can enter the case. The case is expected to be launched in August 2010 for a price of $99.