iOS 10 Is Now Installed on 48% iOS Devices Worldwide


iOS 10 is seeing very exceptional growth and has already overtaken iOS 9 when it comes to the overall install base around the globe.

iOS 10 Is Now Installed on over 48% Devices Already, But It's Not Outperforming iOS 9

Officially released to the general public on September 13th, iOS 10 is growing at a staggering pace. According to the latest numbers by Mixpanel, iOS 10 is installed on 48.16% of total iOS devices around the globe. iOS 9 on the other hand, is installed on 47.79% iOS devices worldwide. The remaining 4% is taken up by version of iOS that are older than iOS 9. So, with that in mind, iOS 10 is without a doubt performing brilliantly in the public domain, which of course, is good news for Apple. Furthermore, it's quite obvious these numbers got a massive boost with the release of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, because the aforementioned handsets come pre-installed with iOS 10 and received a sold out status soon after they went up for pre-order.

Compared to last year, iOS 10's adoption rate is very similar to iOS 9's, which is quite frankly great in a lot of ways. But it appears as though iOS 10 is not outperforming iOS 9 in any way. Last year, Apple revealed how iOS 9 was installed on 50% of devices worldwide, and it seems as though iOS 10 hasn't managed to top its predecessor in that regard.

On the features front, iOS 10 packs a lot under the hood but retains the same general design of iOS. It's clear Apple is evolving iOS in very subtle ways that isn't entirely drastic nor confusing to long-time users. And on the security end, the Cupertino giant is making great strides as well. We recommend all users to install this update immediately as it patches a lot of vulnerabilities that remained under the radar for a long, long time.

Of course, since we are dealing with a new, major firmware update therefore the story is not that brilliant on older devices. Performance related issues are aplenty, and Apple will take quite a bit of time if it's ever going to bring older devices up to speed. So we suggest opting for a downgrade if performance is absolutely key in your domain. We have linked our clean install and downgrade guides below, depending on which you wish to follow.

We will keep our readers updated regarding the growth of iOS 10 so stay tuned to our coverage in the weeks to come.

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