iOS 10 Is Now Installed on 48% iOS Devices Worldwide

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Sep 28, 2016

iOS 10 is seeing very exceptional growth and has already overtaken iOS 9 when it comes to the overall install base around the globe.

iOS 10 Is Now Installed on over 48% Devices Already, But It’s Not Outperforming iOS 9

Officially released to the general public on September 13th, iOS 10 is growing at a staggering pace. According to the latest numbers by Mixpanel, iOS 10 is installed on 48.16% of total iOS devices around the globe. iOS 9 on the other hand, is installed on 47.79% iOS devices worldwide. The remaining 4% is taken up by version of iOS that are older than iOS 9. So, with that in mind, iOS 10 is without a doubt performing brilliantly in the public domain, which of course, is good news for Apple. Furthermore, it’s quite obvious these numbers got a massive boost with the release of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, because the aforementioned handsets come pre-installed with iOS 10 and received a sold out status soon after they went up for pre-order.

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Compared to last year, iOS 10’s adoption rate is very similar to iOS 9’s, which is quite frankly great in a lot of ways. But it appears as though iOS 10 is not outperforming iOS 9 in any way. Last year, Apple revealed how iOS 9 was installed on 50% of devices worldwide, and it seems as though iOS 10 hasn’t managed to top its predecessor in that regard.

On the features front, iOS 10 packs a lot under the hood but retains the same general design of iOS. It’s clear Apple is evolving iOS in very subtle ways that isn’t entirely drastic nor confusing to long-time users. And on the security end, the Cupertino giant is making great strides as well. We recommend all users to install this update immediately as it patches a lot of vulnerabilities that remained under the radar for a long, long time.

Of course, since we are dealing with a new, major firmware update therefore the story is not that brilliant on older devices. Performance related issues are aplenty, and Apple will take quite a bit of time if it’s ever going to bring older devices up to speed. So we suggest opting for a downgrade if performance is absolutely key in your domain. We have linked our clean install and downgrade guides below, depending on which you wish to follow.

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We will keep our readers updated regarding the growth of iOS 10 so stay tuned to our coverage in the weeks to come.

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