Users Reporting iPhone 7 Connectivity Issue After Switching Off Airplane Mode


The new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are one of the hottest devices of the year. However, some users are experiencing uncanny behavior from the device. A lot of iPhone 7 users have reported over the weekend that their smartphone is not able to retain cellular service once disabling the Airplane mode. According to MacRumors, Apple is well aware of the issue and have provided a recommendation. Let's see some more details on the iPhone 7 connectivity issue.

iPhone 7 Connectivity Lost After Switching Off Airplane Mode

Apple's internal document recommends its authorized service providers to instruct iPhone 7 users in restarting their handset. This as an end product will restore connectivity to the device. However, if this does not work, Apple has recommended users to re-insert the SIM card on the device. According to the company, this will possibly restore device connectivity.

The video below was shared by El-Haggan to MacRumors that shows how the iPhone 7 loses connectivity and the iPhone 6s retains connection after switching off the airplane mode. From the video below we can see that the iPhone 7 is on AT&T network. This means that it features an Intel modem. Up until now, the company has used Qualcomm modems on its iPhones. This year, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus have been equipped with Intel modem for the AT&T and T-Mobile SKU.

All of a sudden today my iPhone 7 Jet Black model started not getting internet service -- can’t make outbound calls or receive calls -- even though it showed 4 bars. I then put it in Airplane Mode, and back off, then it showed no service. It got pretty warm in the top right hand corner.

While the issue seems to be persisting for a number of users, some Apple Stores are exchanging iPhone 7 units which are being affected by the issue. However, one thing that still needs to be discovered is whether the replaced unites are also being affected by the connectivity issue. It is possible that the connectivity issue rests on the software side of the story. If so, Apple will fix the issue in an update.

Apple is aware of the issue and is in the process of investigating the lost connectivity on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Most probably, Apple will implement the fix in the near future. If any of you are experiencing the same issue, be sure to let us know. We will definitely update you guys as we hear more to the iPhone 7 connectivity issue.

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