Control Media Playback On Mac Using Apple TV Siri Remote


Here's how you can control media playback on your Mac using Siri Remote that comes bundled with Apple TV 4.

Siri Remote

Apart from the new Apple TV 4, the Siri Remote that comes bundled with the entire package is a sweet little accessory on its own. It works fluently, and is packed with bare minimum controls needed to navigate around the tvOS UI. And since it uses Bluetooth to connect with the Apple TV 4, therefore you do not need to point it at the device itself in order to control things on your TV.

Speaking of Bluetooth - the Siri Remote can even pair up with a Mac as well like any other Bluetooth device. But there's one big problem - it's not of much use once paired, therefore you need an app to translate the Siri Remote's commands into something which OS X understands directly. This is where a handy little app called SiriMote comes in, which lets you use the Siri Remote to control media playback on your Mac in an absolutely seamless fashion.

First up, we'll show you how to pair the Siri Remote to your Mac.

How To Pair Siri Remote To Your Mac

1. Put your Siri Remote in discoverable mode by pressing the Menu + Volume Up buttons for a few seconds. Also make sure that your Apple TV 4 is unplugged from the power outlet before doing so.

2. On your Mac, launch System Preferences then click on 'Bluetooth.'

3. Once you see a new Bluetooth device, simply click on 'Pair' and you're done.

Use Siri Remote To Control Media Playback On Your Mac

With the pairing bit out of the way, simply download a free app called SiriMote (download link) and you're good to go. Also keep in mind that you can use SiriMote to control a bunch of things on your Mac apart from 'media,' such as Keynote.

1 Looking for Siri Remote

The app is extremely ease to set up and use and we're certain that users will get a good kick out of it once installed onto their Mac. And yes, the app is currently only available for Mac users, with a Windows version nowhere in sight.

2 Siri Remote Connected

SiriMote requires users to have at least OS X 10.11 El Capitan installed onto their Mac as well as have Bluetooth 4.0 support. If you fulfill the prerequisites then you're good to go for installation and using your Siri Remote to control your Mac's media playback.

We highly recommend that you give this app a shot, especially if you're a movie buff and happen to utilize your Mac more than your Apple TV 4.