Should You Update to macOS Sierra? – Here’s What to Expect Tomorrow


Apple will release macOS Sierra to the public tomorrow. Is it worth updating? And what should you expect from the update? We got you covered.

macOS Sierra Brings a Lot to the Table - but is it Worth Updating to?

The short and snappy answer to the above question is a simple 'Yes.' Why? Because macOS Sierra is packed with a lot of under the hood changes apart from the ones that are noticeably obvious. But if you're looking for more tangible reasons, then we will lay them down below which are concurrent with what you should expect tomorrow when macOS Sierra lands.

Siri - Apple's Virtual Assistant

Siri is finally coming to the Mac and it's the best version of Apple's virtual assistant. It can search for your documents, pin results on the desktop, allows drag and drop actions, and so much more.

Universal Clipboard

Copy something on your iPhone and paste it on your Mac or vice versa. But wait, it's not limited to just text - it works with images too. Sounds handy doesn't it?

Auto Unlock with Apple Watch

No need to enter your Mac's password if you have an Apple Watch. Simply come into your Mac's proximity, lift the lid and start using.

iCloud Drive

iCloud Drive now features iCloud Desktop, which can sync your files across all compatible iCloud devices from Apple.

Apple Pay

You can now pay for stuff online using Apple Pay on your Mac. The payments are authenticated using Touch ID on your iPhone, or Apple Watch, if you have one.

Optimized Storage

Running out of storage space on your Mac? No problem! macOS Sierra will upload your rarely used files in the cloud to free up some space.

Better & Powerful Photos

macOS Sierra has an improved Photos app that features Memories. It takes the best photos and turns them into awesome slideshows which you can share with your loved ones.

New & Improved Messages App

macOS Sierra has a new and improved Messages app that allows you to send bigger emoji characters, like messages and whatnot.

Improved Apple Music

If you're into Apple Music, then you'll love the experience being offered with macOS Sierra.

Tabs. Tabs Everywhere.

You can now have tabs in pretty much every app in macOS Sierra. You can kiss all the desktop clutter goodbye with this feature at hand.

Picture in Picture

Just like the iPad, you now have PiP mode in macOS Sierra. You can rest assured your favorite cat video will float on top of the oh-so important document you're working on.

Everything Else

Apart from the above mentioned changes, there's a lot more in macOS Sierra that's waiting to be discovered, including bug fixes. We will, obviously highlight them tomorrow as macOS Sierra goes live.

Wrap Up

We highly recommend updating to macOS Sierra for the feature set alone. It's a great way to breathe new life into your computer that might otherwise feel ancient in terms of usability. Besides, Sierra will be absolutely free to download from the Mac App Store therefore there is no harm in grabbing it.

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