Update Samsung Galaxy S4 i9505 to AOSB Android 4.4.3 Custom ROM – How to

Rafia Shaikh

You can now update your Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE i9505 to the latest Android 4.4.3 KitKat using the awesome AOSB custom firmware. The AOSB Android 4.4.3 KitKat custom firmware is based on the latest KitKat official update. Here are the steps to help you update Galaxy S4 i9505 to AOSB Android 4.4.3 KitKat. update Galaxy S4 i9505 to AOSB Android 4.4.3

AOSB Android 4.4.3 firmware details:

  • OTA Support
  • Android-4.4.3 r1.1 KTU84L
  • AOSB Feature: Custom SmoothProgressBar with v0.4 API
  • AOSB Feature: Control and customize “Toast Animation”
  • AOSB Recent App with HTC Style
  • AOSB Power Saver Manager
  • Battery Saver mode included what user do to saving the battery life
  • PA PEEK Notification with wake timeout && configurable timeout
  • Launch as Floating notification from anywhere
  • New CM Theme Engine
  • DSP Manager with built-in Boeffla Sound Control
  • GPS Optimizer , modify gps conf your country
  • Advanced Kernel tweaker and device performance control
  • Slim Recent App Bar
  • Pinned (lock) app in recent app list
  • On-The-Go Mode
  • Battery level around unlock ring
  • Time-context headers in the notification header
  • Wakelock Blocker
  • MSIM Network/Devices Support
  • Dialer: WhitePages/YellowPages reverse lookup provider
  • Dialer: lookup/nearby places, Google and OpenStreetMap
  • AOKP Navigation bar menu in settings support hardware keys devices
  • AOKP Animation Control
  • ListView Animation
  • Keyboard Animation
  • Scrolling Animation
  • AOKP Custom Navigation Ring
  • AOKP Custom Navigation Bar
  • ChameleonOS Gesture Anywhere
  • ChameleonOS Screen Recording
  • ChameleonOS Screen Recorder: add ability to record audio from mic
  • TeloRadio (Connection Manager)
  • Omni Audio Themes Settings
  • OmniSwitch App
  • Omni allow disabling call end sound
  • Omni Audio : Stereo widening and Center frequency for Bass Boost
  • AOSPAL LockScreen Notifications
  • AOSPAL Lockscreen Blur
  • Slim CRT animation: add scale down
  • Slim IME options
  • Slim DarkUI (system wide in black)
  • Music Tile
  • Flip to Mute/Reject Call
  • Advanced BatteryBar
  • Chainfire SU App
  • User selectable camera click sound (disable camera sound)
  • Quicktile row option:set 3,4,5 tiles per row
  • LTE toggle support and Configurable up to user (LTE or 4G)
  • Add Wifi name to notification drawer and option to enable/disable
  • Frameworks: notification drawer background
  • wide support for chinese language
  • wide support for dutch language
  • MediaScanner behavior on boot
  • HALO
  • HALO: make windows move able and scale able
  • Mobile Network Battery Saver Mode
  • Configurable up to user (LTE or 4G)
  • Advanced Battery Bar
  • FB sync abbility to connect facebook contacts into contacts app
  • App sidebar
  • IME switcher notification
  • Navigation bar with custom dimensions
  • Screen video recording
  • Configurable init.d
  • Build PropModder
  • Incoming calls dialog
  • RAM bar with custom colors
  • Builtin Xposed Framework
  • Xposed : Per-App Layout
  • Network usage stats
  • ChameleonOS Active display (s-view alternative)
  • AD: Display Time out
  • AD: Turn Off Display
  • AD: Threshold to proximity
  • AD: Sort notifications by newest to oldest
  • AD: douple tab to sleep
  • AD: limit notifications
  • AD: display bypass, pocket and sunlight mods
  • mms: iOS features
  • mms: Emoji and Smiley support
  • samsung kernel super charged
  • Advanced low battery indicator options
  • Custom Carrier Label

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Here are the prerequisites and step-by-step guide to update Galaxy S4 i9505 to AOSB Android 4.4.3 KitKat custom firmware.

Prerequisites to update Galaxy S4 i9505 to AOSB Android 4.4.3 KitKat:

  • Backup any important data from your Samsung Galaxy S4 I9505 as a complete wipe will be required during the flashing process.
  • Enable USB debugging option on your device: Settings > Development Options > USB debugging.
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 I9505 must be rooted, unlocked and installed with a recovery tool like TWRP or CWM.
  • Your device must be charged to at least 60% of power.

Note: this tutorial is focused on Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE i9505; kindly do not try this guide on other Android Samsung devices.

How to update Galaxy S4 i9505 to AOSB Android 4.4.3:

Required files: download the AOSB Android 4.4.3 KitKat custom firmware for Galaxy S4 from here and save it on your computer. Do not extract the contents. Also download Google Apps Package.

  • Connect your Galaxy S4 to your computer using a USB cable and copy the zip file to your phone’s SD card.
  • Disconnect the USB cord and power off your Galaxy S4.
  • Boot it into recovery mode and perform a Nandroid backup of your current OS: Backup backup and restore on ClockworkMod recovery.
  • Wipe data task: from CWM recovery menu, select wipe data / factory reset and confirm the process.
  • From recovery menu, select install zip from sdcard followed by choose zip from sdcard. Locate the AOSB Android 4.4.3 custom firmware and confirm the flashing process.
  • Return back to main recovery menu and reboot your Galaxy S4 I9505 into the new custom ROM. First boot takes a good 5 minutes so please be patient.

This was how easy it was to update Galaxy S4 i9505 to AOSB Android 4.4.3 KitKat custom firmware. We hope you enjoy the latest OS.

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