Upcoming OnePlus Smartphone’s Name, Specs And Release Date Confirmed – Read All Details Here


Previously, we spoke about the unique features of OnePlus mini; at least that is what we thought was the official name of the smartphone. However, now it has been confirmed that the device has a different name, will sport different hardware and we also know when it is going to be released.

Name Of Upcoming Smartphone Is OnePlus X And Is Going To Be Announced During The Month Of October

According to a source, OnePlus X is going to be name of the upcoming smartphone, and it is going to be running a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 SoC. Previously, we reported that the device was running a MediaTek chipset according to what the benchmarking results stated, so it is highly possible that the Chinese smartphone OEM rolls out two different models in the near future.

Snapdragon 801 was the same chip present in OnePlus One, and while it does not disappoint in terms of performance (especially for a previous generation SoC), it is still puzzling as to why the company’s would choose this particular product of Qualcomm. While the pricing details of the device have yet to be detailed, we expect that OnePlus X is going to be a cheaply priced handset given its hardware, so the company would be attempting to target the lower-tier markets in order to develop and even stronger presence globally.

Carl Pei has already stated that the smartphone is going to be targeted to a whole different audience but given that vague description, it could mean a whole lot of things. Previously, we reported there will be a dual-flash function present on OnePlus X, which will improve overall image quality in low illuminated areas. Let us hope that this function is actually incorporated into the end product.

Additionally, it is also possible that the device will have a decorated chassis, because not all smartphone users purchase devices just to experience its raw processing capabilities. We can also expect a fingerprint scanner and a Type-C USB port to be present although this time, we would really appreciate it if OnePlus X will be compatible with Qualcomm’s Quick Charge feature.

These are all the details that we have at this current time. Would you wait for OnePlus X, or are you looking forward to purchasing OnePlus 2? Let us know your thoughts.