Upcoming CEMU Release Will Support Online Play Through Nintendo’s Servers


An upcoming CEMU release will have support for native online play through Nintendo’s own servers.

One of the developers on the Wii U emulator confirmed this on the CEMU subreddit. “The upcoming Cemu release will have support for native online play!”, he wrote. “I am sure you have a lot of questions, but there isn't much I can talk about yet. Everything is still in proof-of-concept stage and I just got it working well enough to play a match. Also, it's currently a massive hassle to set it up so I couldn't test more than one game. I'll update this post with more details and new videos as development progresses.”

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Only Splatoon is confirmed to be working so far. Check out the video of the game in action below:

According to the developer, the CEMU release allows players to play online via Nintendo’s own servers, and players will need a Wii U with CFW for OTP dumping. Additionally, a Wii U account connected with a Nintendo Network ID is required to play online.

In other CEMU related news: if you’re using an NVIDIA GeForce GPU, be sure to update to the latest drivers as performance of CEMU is improved by lower RAM usage.

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