UNIKA Prepares its Custom A797 Aeolus GPU, Featuring Koolance Waterblock and HD7970 clocked at 1.1GHz – Priced at $999

Unika, A Chinese AIB partner of AMD has prepared its custom edition of the HD7970 GPU known as the A797 Aeolus featuring Waterblock from Koolance, Factory overclocked specs and a premium price set at $999.

The A797 features a cherry picked HD7970 Tahiti XT GPU which is capable to operate at 1.1GHz. To cool this beast, Unika has bundled a waterblock build by renowned manufacturer Koolance and bundles a 120mm and Dual 120mm radiators along with pump kit in the package.

The waterblock cools the core and power area of the GPU maintaining suitable temperatures on the board. The GPU is power through an 8 Pin + 6 Pin connector. The price point is a bit steep at $999 though the package has alot to offer for overclockers with the added liquid cooling set.

Launch is expected next month and would be available in the APAC market region.

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