Unicode 9.0 Includes 72 New Emojis, Scheduled To Be Released On June 21


We all know how much emojis aid us in our day to day chatting. While some common emojis have been ruling for quite a while, it seems there are more in the coming. For regular emoji users, the news might be exciting as Unicode Consortium has added 72 new emojis. By the end of this month, a list of 72 exciting emojis are set to be part of the Unicode 9.0. So lets dive in to see what more emojis are we talking about.

Set Of 72 Amazing Emojis Added In Unicode 9.0

Some of the emojis which are set to be part of the Unicode 9.0 includes the rolling on floor laughing, facepalm, an emoji with a cowboy hat, a clown face, drooling face, selfie, lying face, pregnant woman and many more. According to Emojipedia, major tech vendors like Apple, Google and Microsoft will begin adding new emojis via OTA updates starting from 21st of June. For a deeper insight, check out the video below.

The emojis have been rendered in an "Apple Style" which is glossy with a mixture of photorealistic and cartoon style imagery. Other than emojis, Unicode 9.0 will include 19 more symbols which are used in Japanese TV broadcasting along with modern scripts such as Newa, Adlam and other historic scripts.

The Unicode Consortium further explains that some of the emojis out from a total of 72 have been added for a 'variety of reasons'. For instance, if we glance upon an emoji with a cowboy hat, we can see that it was added for compatibility with the one used in Yahoo Messenger. Moreover, Consortium adds that some of the emojis have also been added due to their high frequency of use. Hence, the some emojis completely justifies their addition in the Unicode 9.0. Moreover, their addition will bring more to the chatting table.

Judging on the past occurrences, Apple is one of the very first manufacturers to incorporate latest emoji additions from Unicode in the public release. We can see that Apple added Unicode 8.0 emoji support in iOS 9 update, which was released in October of last year. Similarly, we can expect Apple to incorporate Unicode 9.0 emojis in iOS 10 in round about the same period of time. So there is just so much to be excited for.

This is it for now, folks. How did you like the set of 72 new emojis in Unicode 9.0? How often do you use emojis while chatting? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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