Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed PC Studio Hiring For International AAA Title


Ubisoft Kiev, the studio that brought several Assassin’s Creed PC titles and Far Cry 4 to PC, is on a hiring spree for an international AAA PC title.

At the moment of writing, the Ukraine-based studio has 10 job opportunities, including positions for a game designer, a producer, a physics programmer, and a 3d graphics programmer.

We’ve include some interesting parts from the job listings below.

C++ Game Development Engineer / C/C++ Video Games Developer

Our team in Kiev, together with teams from multiple foreign Ubisoft studios, works on PC and next gen versions of future AAA Ubisoft titles. We are driven by our desire to ship and constantly take on greater challenges.

We are looking for generalist C++ engineers with very good knowledge of video game programming (DirectX, Win API, game engines).

Junior Producer

Kiev Studio is hiring an Junior Producer for famous international AAA video game project.

Physics Programmer (C++ Engine)

The physics engine provides high quality rigid body and cloth simulation.

GPU computing experience

Knowledge of XB1 and PS4 consoles

3D graphics engineer/ Render Programmer/ Graphic Programmer

Want to see your name in credits of Ubisoft’s PC game? Think that PC is the future of gaming? Excited by the idea of communicating with IT professionals from all over the world? Ubisoft Kiev has an opportunity for you!
Our team in Kiev, together with teams from multiple foreign Ubisoft studios, contributes to delivering PC and next-gen experiences for some of the most famous AAA Ubisoft titles.

What we require:

  • Experience with OpenGL and/or DirectX API
  • Knowledge of basic rendering algorithms
  • Advanced level C++ and OOP;
  • Capacity to learn and work with someone’s code;
  • Intermediate level of English.

A plus will be:

  • 2 years of work in OpenGL and/or DirectX API and Rendering algorithms;
  • Advanced level of OOD;
  • Pet projects;
  • Advanced level of mathematics;
  • High level of self-management;
  • Experience with various game engines.

A big advantage will be considered:

  • Previous experience in PC or next-gen development;
  • Cross platform experience;
  • Experience using game development frameworks and middleware.

What we offer:

  • International AAA game projects;
  • Access to cutting-edge hardware;

Project Coordinator

Ubisoft Kiev, the studio that brought Assassin’s Creed Syndicate and Far Cry 4 to PC, is looking for a self-driven Project Coordinator, passionate about bringing the perfect experience to our players.

While the job listings don’t directly mention it, the Kiev studio is probably hiring for their next Assassin’s Creed title on PC. The next Assassin’s Creed is said to skip a 2016 release, and is rumored to be set in Egypt.