[UPDATE: Uber Responds] Uber Allegedly Hacked! Multiple Users Tweeting About Unjust Charges Made On Uber Account

Zara Ali
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Despite its strong security claims, Uber has faced much fraudulence. Adding more woes to Uber's current ordeal, many users are taking to Twitter for expressing their concern over Uber account hack and misuse of the credit card information stored in the app.

The company is yet to confirm the hack attack claims, but users are losing their calm over the issue. Many are advising other Uber users to remove their credit card details from the app. Twitter is buzzing with multiple users reporting unjust charges on their Uber account. It means that hackers are misusing the credit card information stored in Uber app and charging them for services that they never used.

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A user from the UAE tweeted,"Hey @Uber_UAE @Uber @Uber_Support my account has been hacked. It shows a Russian name and my Dubai card just got charged!"

While another Uber user named Nigel tweeted,"@Uber_Support HELP, my sister's account has been hacked, and some stupidly large uber eats charges have been applied to her account."

Another user Marissa Villa was charged $400 on her Uber account for services she never used. On trying to delete her account, Uber support prompted her to pay the outstanding balance first. Marissa is not the only user facing outstanding charges; multiple users are struggling with similar issues. Users from all over the world are tweeting about the disturbing payment activity on their Uber account.

Remove your credit card information

These are just a few of the tweets from the entire thread; you can check the rest here. It is unsettling to see Uber not responding to all the complaints pouring in about fraudulent charges. Well, if Uber has indeed suffered a security breach then it will be only wise to remove credit card information from the app.

Are you an Uber user? Did you notice any abnormalities in your account? Share your views with us in the comments section below.

UPDATE: We reached out to Uber about the issue and received a reply from Melanie, Security Communications at Uber:

Uber was not hacked, but sometimes individual accounts are compromised when people reuse the same password for multiple online accounts. If you're using the same password for multiple sites then stealing the password from one account gives a criminal easy access to other accounts. Therefore, it's best to use unique passwords for every account and consider using a password manager for additional help.

Whenever Uber riders detect something suspicious with their account, they should contact our support team in the help section of the Uber app or at help.uber.com. We're happy to refund fraudulent trips and help re-secure your account.

It's also important to note that credit card information is not stored in the Uber app to prevent it from being stolen from your account. Your credit card number is encrypted when you type it into the app, so you're the last person to ever see it.


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