Typecast Tweak Makes ‘Now Typing’ And Read Receipt Indicator More Prominent

Chatting with multiple friends makes you juggle between conversations, which is quite a cumbersome task. It's hard to see the chat status in multiple applications, whether the other person has stopped typing or read your messages. However, we have stumbled upon a tweak that would make the read receipts and 'now typing' indicators more prominent. This will prioritize your way to move towards a specific conversation rather than randomly shifting apps.

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Typecast is a new jailbreak tweak, inspired from TypeStatus, that enables read receipts and 'now typing' indicators to instigate and come to the fore. Unlike TypeStatus, Typecast works with additional applications such as WhatsApp, Kik and the stock Messages app. In terms of looks, Typecast stands out and provides an overall better presentation than the aforementioned TypeStatus tweak.

Let's see what more does Typecast has to offer and what are its technical standpoints.

Typecast Adds 'Now Typing' Indicators At Three Key Places

Once Typecast is installed on your jalbroken device, head over to your stock iOS Stettings app. This is where the tweaks's preferences will be and all minor and major changes will take place. There are three sections for Typecast in the Settings. Each of these sections is dedicated to a specific application that runs corresponding to Typecast. As we have mentioned before, Typecast works with Messages, WhatsApp as well as Kik.

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Each panel is identical in terms of settings and this where you can enable the status indicator. Another setting on the panel includes hiding the typing bar that appears when someone is typing. You can also reposition the glyphs for read receipts as well as typing indicators. Typecast is a neat app designed to bring the read receipt and other indicators at the forefront.

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Typecast provides three areas where the 'now typing' indicator appears, making it easier for you to see which of your friend is typing. Firstly, the 'now typing' indicator is displayed in the conversation list view. Secondly, the indicator is also showcased on the icon of the corresponding app and also the status bar. Moreover, you also get the read receipt on your status bar. This is cool if you're on your home screen, you will be notified at once about your message being read.

Typecast will allow you to manage your chatting experience in a fluid and professional manner. Furthermore, the tweak provides users with an overview of their entire chatting encounter. Henceforth, we would recommend users to give this tweak a try.

Typecast is available on Cydia's BigBoss repo for $1.49. If you had a good experience with the tweak, then notify us in the comments. It's always good to hear from our readers.

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