Type And Walk Safely With Ariki Jailbreak Tweak

Walking while typing on your iPhone is not a good idea. There's a chance you might bump into objects, or people, which ultimately might not end well. However, with Ariki, you can walk and type at the same time and keep away from bumping into anything that comes in your way. Ariki is a new jailbreak tweak that turns your iOS keyboard into a live camera automatically while you're using the keyboard.

Above the awesome functionality that Ariki offers, the method of activation is very simple. All you have to do is long press the spacebar and the rear camera will go live, reflecting whatever is in your way onto your keyboard. This way you can avoid the fortuity to smack into someone or something. The method to return to the default keyboard theme is the same, so enabling and disabling the tweak on a short notice is really handy.

Ariki Keeps You From Bumping Into Obstacles While You Walk And Type

If you're walking and typing at night time, press and hold the 'F' key on your iOS keyboard to switch on/off the flash light at once. Ariki is a pretty useful tweak that can prevent an unwanted collision while you walk and text simultaneously.

Another much appreciated thing about Ariki is the preference pane from where you can access the tweak's settings and controls. The settings are placed in an uncomplicated manner so you can interact and choose controls effortlessly.

The settings behold an on/off switch to enable or disable the tweak. Other than this, you can assign an Activator gesture to turn the camera view on/off, switch between themes and set the transparency of the camera view. Furthermore, you also have the availability of different toggles which are responsible for disabling and enabling the flashlight or the camera.


Ariki is a beautifully designed app that keeps you from walking into hurdles and obstacles. If you're the type of person who texts while walking then you should definitely give Ariki a shot on your iPhone. It supports iOS 8 devices and is available on Cydia's BigBoss repo for $1.49. We totally recommend you to give this tweak a swirl and let us know about your experience. We love hearing from our readers.

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