Twitter Now Supports Rich Notifications in iOS 10 – Download Now

Uzair Ghani

Twitter for iOS received a minor update, bringing with it the much-awaited rich notifications support in iOS 10.

Rich Notifications Take the Twitter Experience on iPhone One Step Further

iOS 10 is a feature packed release, allowing developers to achieve things with their apps that just weren't possible before. Rich notifications is one of those areas, where an app can show images and other media, right from Notification Center, without having to open the app itself. Today, Twitter has joined the rich notifications bandwagon and anyone with a device running iOS 10 can make do with it.

Whenever someone tweets an image to you, just deep press on the notification to see the image there and then. Keep in mind one thing though, those with 3D Touch enabled devices can access rich notifications much easily compared to those who do not. If you have a non-iPhone 7 or iPhone 6s device, then simply swipe left on the notification then tap on 'View' to display the contents. Not exactly ideal, but hey, it gets the job done, doesn't it?


The official Twitter for iPhone and iPad app is absolutely free to download and use. You can grab it directly from the App Store or by tapping on the link which we have added below.

Wrap Up

The official Twitter app does get the job done but it lacks in a lot of areas which third-parties swiftly fulfill. Take a look at Tweetbot, for example. It's feature-packed, and does so much in places such as profiles, status details and whatnot. But of course, where Tweetbot shines, it also comes attached with a price tag of $9.99, which is pretty darn steep if you're asking me. Especially if you do not use Twitter on a day to day basis. If you're a power user though, then it's definitely worth the investment. You will not find a better piece of software anywhere else to get the most out of Twitter.

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