Twitter Now Lets You Start a Live Broadcast Straight from the App


Twitter has announced today that users will now be able to start a live broadcast straight from the official app on mobile.

Twitter Now Lets You Go Live Even if You Don't Have Periscope Installed

It's fairly obvious at this point that live video is the future of social networking. So much so in fact that Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have jumped on the live bandwagon at an extremely crucial point in the tech space. Today however, the microblogging service Twitter is taking its live credentials even further by allowing users to start a broadcast straight from the official app. Previously, if you wanted to go live, you had to make do with Periscope. That prerequisite is now long gone. The live broadcast is, however, powered by Periscope.

Starting today, you can create and Tweet live video from the Twitter app, powered by Periscope. To go live, compose a Tweet, then tap “LIVE” which brings you to pre-broadcast screen where you can frame your shot. When you’re ready, press “Go Live” to start broadcasting.

Once you kick off a live broadcast, your followers can either watch it directly from the Twitter app or via the Periscope app. It's totally up to them (or you) which route one should take in order to check out a live stream.

Once you’re live, anyone on Twitter and Periscope can join your live video and participate in your experience. When you’re watching a live video, comment and send hearts by tapping the screen. Hearts show your support for the broadcaster.

The new live broadcast feature will roll out to everyone in the days to come on both iOS and Android. If you don't have the official Twitter app installed on your device, then you might want to do so if you are going to take advantage of this feature. Tap on the links below to get started.

Wrap Up

Kicking off a live broadcast from a device such as a smartphone is something that was unthinkable a few years back. Now though, it's fairly commonplace. But of course, there are very few players out there that have gotten this feature right. Twitter wants to be at the forefront of its live broadcast adventure, and it will take a little bit time to see how the company manages to stack up against the likes of Facebook and Instagram.