Twitter Is Testing Breaking News On iOS And Silently Adds Relevant Searches


Twitter is testing a new feature on the iOS app after the Berlin Christmas market attack. The company is testing push notifications of breaking news alerts. This definitely makes sense since the company recently changed its category on the App Store from Social Media to News. In addition to this, the company has also implemented a change related to its searches. Let's see some more details on the subject.

Twitter Testing Breaking News, Also Adds Relevant Searches

The company has confirmed to Buzzfeed that it has been sending news related alerts as a testing operation. It uses algorithms to decide what news should be notified to which user. In the App Store, Twitter's description has been changed primarily to a news app.

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However, the new feature is still in its testing phase so it will take a while before it is officially launched to users around the world. Twitter has been experimenting with its app a lot, making changes which will better suit users' needs. In addition to the breaking news alert feature, Twitter has also silently changed how its search functions.

The microblogging platform has moved away from the reverse chronological searches to more relevant searches. It not only shows what's new in search results but also shows who tweeted it better. The next time you search for something in Twitter's search bar, you will be presented with more relevant search results.


The change was not implemented just now, but in September of this year, according to a Twitter spokesperson. However, it was announced to  the general  public on Monday. The feature does not have any impact on the "latest" filter, so you can always tap it to find the most recent live tweets. So, do make the most of the relevancy feature.

It's good to see that Twitter is implementing changes in its app. There is probably a lot more to come and a lot of changes to be made. As for now, what do you think about Twitter's breaking news alert feature? Do you think the company is going in the right direction? Share your thoughts in the comments.