tvOS Beta Now Available To Download [Devs Only]

Uzair Ghani

Along with iOS 9.1 beta 1, Apple also took the liberty to release tvOS beta for those enrolled in the Apple Developer Program.


For those who are not aware, tvOS is the underlying software that powers the newly announced Apple TV, which is packed to the rafters with features unimaginable in a set-top box. The new Apple TV with tvOS marks the first ever instance where the Cupertino tech giant is bringing apps to the big screen, or our living room, depending on how you look at it.

If you're a developer, it's worth noting here that tvOS is not compatible with the third-generation Apple TV or lower, and is solely meant for the new hardware which Apple announced on stage today. Apart from tvOS, Apple also released iOS 9.1 beta 1 to developers a while back. Given that the new Apple TV will hit retail channels in October, it's likely that iOS 9.1 will also hit consumer channels during that time, along with the 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

With the new Apple TV, the Cupertino tech giant is reimagining how we see a set-top box, and in order to boost the device's credentials, the new Apple TV features a full-blown App Store along with a new UI that focuses directly on the content you want to consume, and to top things off, Siri is also thrown into the mix with support for universal search which will be expanded to other sources as we move into the future.


Apart from the tvOS beta, Apple has also released the tvOS SDK, so developers can immediately start creating apps for the company's new set-top device. The tvOS SDK is also available to download from the Apple Developer Program. And for those who are unaware, the Apple Developer Program requires $99 annual fee to get the ball rolling. If you're a developer and are aspiring to create apps for the new Apple TV, then we suggest that you toss in your cash and get a membership right away.

For consumers, the new Apple TV is a big release, and given its $149 - $199 price tag, the device is not an expensive one either given its powerful feature set. Alongside the new Apple TV, the Cupertino tech giant is also selling the third-gen Apple TV as well for the same price of just $69. It would've been great if Apple had brought some features of the new Apple TV to the older model, but we're certain the company didn't do so just to keep a stark difference between the two devices.

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