tvOS Beta 2 For Apple TV 4 Released – Developers Only


Apple has seeded the second beta of tvOS to developers who are in the ownership of the 2015 Apple TV 4.


tvOS is the underlying software which will ship with the 2015 Apple TV 4. Currently, the software isn't in its final form and Apple is tirelessly working day and night to get tvOS ready for prime time use.

Though the Apple TV 4 hasn't gone on sale just yet, but registered developers were able to get their hands on a unit way - courtesy of Apple - before anyone else so that they can ready their apps for Cupertino's new set-top box. And yes, in case you're wondering at this point, the new Apple TV 4 does support third-party apps, which means you'll be able to do bunch of other stuff apart from streaming movies and TV shows. Also, the new tvOS beta is available to download directly from the Apple Developer Program website.

Apart from third-party apps, tvOS running on Apple TV 4 adds support for Siri, our favorite voice assistant. On the Apple TV 4, Siri is very handy to use as it can search through different sources to bring you detailed results regarding TV shows, movies and more. And just like on iOS, you can ask Siri for different queries as well, such as weather and whatnot. In other words, Siri on the big screen is not a crippled experience by any mean.

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 11.20.07 PM

The new Apple TV 4 starts at $149 for the base model and goes all the way up to $199 which features more memory. Apart from that, both the models are exactly the same and you're only paying $49 bucks extra for more onboard storage. So don't expect to get a gaming remote for free or something more just because you're paying $49 extra.

According to Apple, the new Apple TV 4 will start shipping out to customers in October, which means you'll be able to grab yourself Cupertino's newfound hardware in a matter of days.

It's now up to the developers to make or break the platform, but given how much devs have been inclined towards Apple's different platforms as of late, it's a sure shot sign that the Apple TV 4 will win the hearts of millions of users around the globe.

But the big question is: will it be a bigger hit than the current Apple TV which sells at a measly price of just $69? Be sure to drop your opinions on the matter in the comments section below. Meanwhile, developers are requested to download and install the tvOS beta 2 update right away!