New Apple Plans Discovered To Allow iOS Device To Remotely Stream Content From Any Location

Ramish Zafar

Looks like folks over at Apple have quite a few interesting patents and technology at work. A couple of days back we told you about how Cupertino has plans about an interactive 3D interface for the iPhone, and this time patents have surfaced showing Apple's plans for mobile device synchronization to a fixed display device.

Apple_Patent_TV_iOS_StreamingApple's Patent For Synchronized Content On A Portable Device And How You'll Be Able To Play Content Anywhere.

The US Patent and Trademark Office has granted Apple a patent for "Displaying a synchronized instance of content on a portable electronic device," which will now be able to let iOS users to wirelessly stream content to their devices which is being played through the internet on fixed screen devices, such as the Mac or Apple TV.

Apple's framework imagines a scenario where multiple users are streaming content on their devices, when due to circumstance a single user is prompted to leave the group. In such a scenario, either other users have to pause their content or let the person leave miss out on it. To solve this problem, Apple intends to allow the iOS device to locate the source, name and timestamp for the media being played back, and therefore access the same feed itself. The location of timestamp will be done both manually and automatically.

In the case where the iOS device can not directly access the internet stream being played on the fixed screen unit, Apple intends to allow the iOS device to access the feed of data directly from an Apple TV unit. These patents are essentially a reverse of Apple's already existing AirPlay, that allow iOS users to stream their content on a television screen through Apple TV. Sounds interesting. Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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