Turn Off iOS Wallpaper Parallax Effect Without Disabling Animations, Here’s How

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Want to disable the iOS wallpaper parallax effect without turning on Reduce Motion feature in Settings app? Here's how you can do just that, using a jailbreak tweak called NoPaperLax.

Turn off Parallax Wallpaper Effect Completely and Save Battery Life using NoPaperLax

Aesthetically, the parallax effect on the iOS home screen looks wonderful. But, apart from the depth effect it offers, it can get a bit annoying to look at while at the same time prove to be a battery guzzler. The obvious thing to remedy the problem is by turning on the Reduce Motion option in Settings > General > Accessibility. But the obvious downside to this? The system animations are completely turned off, making everything look extremely bland.

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If you are willing to take the jailbreak route, then you will be pleased to learn that a tweak called NoPaperLax fixes the problem in the most prompt manner you can imagine. Not only it turns off the parallax effect completely, but it lets you retain the rest of the system animations as well.

Compatible with iOS 10

Stop your apps from moving around! The parallax effect drains battery and can be annoying. This tweak will stop the Wallpaper parallax but keep the rest of you animations.

Now, at this point, readers will be quick to point out that selecting a 'Still' background while changing wallpapers turns off the parallax effect. Then why bother? Well, even with the Still option selected, there is a slight parallax effect in the icons and wallpaper, regardless. Only Reduce Motion turns off this feature completely but with the obvious sacrifice of system animations. But thankfully, jailbreak users don't have to bother with that either as NoPaperLax gets things done the way users actually want.

The tweak is absolutely free to download and install from the BigBoss repo in Cydia. There are no options to configure at all, and you can get into business as soon as you are done installing the tweak. And since it's free, it won't hurt to try out the tweak at all. Just make sure you have a jailbroken iPhone or iPad at hand before going ahead.

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