Tt eSPORTS Announces Pyrrhus Gaming Mouse Pads for Hardcore Gamers

Tt eSPORTS, the leading expert in professional e-sports gaming, invites you to witness the latest material science application on gaming mouse pad, and we call it PYRRHUS. Imbuing the most advanced material scientific research, Tt eSPORTS dedicates in full research capability in synthetically making your gaming experience the best one ever, and nothing less. PYRRHUS possesses the most amazing mouse gliding touch against your mouse pad: something you have never felt before! And 3 different sizes available for all game genres, PYRRHUS simply takes care of your game.

Modernized and designed specifically for pro-gamers and fanatics, PYRRHUS offers you 2mm-thick ultra-slimness gaming experience. Regardless the type of gamer, PYRRHUS is capable of enduring countless mouse glides, making you a tenacious competitor just like Tt eSPORTS’ Battle Dragon.

Tt eSPORTS is always surprising the world with innovative gaming products, and PYRRHUS astonishes us all with its unbelievable fabric development, withstand long duration play time, and hand-washable that guarantees each game time is an assured fresh experience. The motto “Designed by the best, to be the best”, demonstrates Tt eSPORTS’ determination in material science in mouse pad. Not only it’s incredibly slim, easy for storage, but also compatible with both optical and laser mouse sensors, making PYRRHUS the most comprehensive gaming mouse pad that is available out there for gamers to equip, brought to you by Tt eSPORTS.

PYRRHUS resets the benchmark for gaming mouse pad, and Tt eSPORTS has successfully, once again, fulfilled the mission of delivering the best gaming experience for gamers. By perfecting both material science application and Tt eSPORTS’ latest R&D capability, PYRRHUS is more than a gaming mouse pad but a great achievement of modern technology. Tt eSPORTS PYRRHUS gaming mouse pad is available at your nearest retailer on November 30th, 2011. Specs Below:

• 3 Sizes: 440*350 / 360*300 / 280*210mm
• Ultra-Slim Fiber with 2mm and Natural Rubber Base
• Hand-Washable Material: easy to clean - ensures each game play is a fresh experience.
• Perfect for all possible game genres demands, whether it’s précised controlling, or rapid movement – PYRRHUS has got it all.
• Compatible with optical or laser mouse sensors.

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