TSMC Enters Tape Out For 7nm; Production Expected For 2018

The tech world is perhaps the most rapidly evolving market there is. Changes take place on a yearly basis, as manufacturers continuously upgrade their products. The big buzz surrounding 2017 is 10nm. It'll mark the next big leap in mobile computing and is a change that all processor makers will adopt. As always, Qualcomm's taken the first step and launched the Snapdragon 835. The processor is 27% thinner than its predecessor and claims to offer up to 40% in power efficiently. However, long time Taiwanese fab TSMC is already in the process to develop 7nm for mobile. Take a look below for more.

TSMC Enters Tape Out For 7nm Chips With Production Due Next Year

Looks like TSMC's eager to get the lead in the processing world. The fab's faced some tough competition from Samsung lately. The Korean tech giant has the strength of resources on its side. The massive amount of capital which Samsung pumps in its business results in a lot of other suppliers simply being rendered out of business. Even TSMC faced the heat a couple of years back.

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The Taiwanese manufacturer's limited production facilities resulted in it having to share orders wtih Apple for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus' A9 processor. Now, as 10nm is all set to become the norm, we're hearing news about the fab already having entered Tape-Out for 7nm processors. Both Samsung and TSMC highlighted their plans for the process last year. Samsung claims to have developed EUV for 7nm and looks like TSMC's on point as well.

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If 7nm does progress in this way, then devices running the processor should hit market by 2019. That'll be a big win for fabs and manufacturers all around. Especially since it'll only be two years for 10nm to have fully settled in the market. This, will result in the process being trickled down to medium level devices as well, which will result in performance surges throughout the smartphone world.

Of course, since we're yet to even fully test 10nm, any hopes about 7nm are highly premature at this point. Still, it's great news that TSMC is progressing fast towards the next generation node. We're likely to hear major announcements from Samsung's end as well, when the Korean manufacturer will launch the Galaxy S8. Till then, stay tuned and let us know what you think in the comments section below. We'll keep you updated on the latest.

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