Transform Your Large Screen iPhones Into Complete Portable Gaming Handheld Machines


Gaming on your large screen iPhones can be a bit of a difficult experience particularly when there are no tactile buttons present on these smartphones. However, with these gaming controllers, you can transform your mobile devices into complete handheld gaming machines.

iPhone 6s 3

Gamevice For Your iPhones Turns The Device Into A Gaming Controller – Unfortunately There Is A Catch

According to the company’s official website, the Gamevice gaming controller is compatible with the following iPhones:


Only recently, we covered that Apple had officially announced a $99 battery case for its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. However, it has not been stated if we can strap on the case and start using the gaming controller because if that actually happened, then would be able to get more battery life while immersing in extensive mobile gaming applications. The gamepad is not operated by a Bluetooth module and instead features a lightning port that allows you to effortlessly attach your mobile device to the gamepad and commence your mobile gaming sessions.

However, as we stated before, the Gamevice gamepad is going to be available for all four models of the aforementioned iPhones soon, along with added support for the company’s iPad Air. There is a model available, but unfortunately it is only compatible with iPad mini and has been listed on Apple’s store right now. The gaming peripheral company has not stated when it actually plans to release the device for other of Apple’s phones, but it says Coming Soon, which could honestly mean anything.


Given below are the highlights of the Gamevice gaming controller:

  • Dual analog joysticks
  • A, B, X, Y fire buttons
  • Left and right fire triggers
  • Left and right bumpers
  • D Pad
  • 800mAh battery and power pass through to charge iPad while playing
  • Audio DAC and headphone out
  • Patented flex bridge technology


There is also an abounding number of games that you can choose from here and begin your gaming session. If you have the spare cash, then you can purchase the gaming controller for $99.95, but we will remind you once more that the product is only available for iPad mini at this current time. When it becomes available for a wide array of Apple’s iPhones, then we will be updating you accordingly. What did you guys thing of this gaming controller. Is it going to add more spice to your mobile gaming sessions? Let us know your thoughts.