Here’s How You Can Train Siri To Pronounce Your Name Correctly

Uzair Ghani

Is Siri having trouble pronouncing your name? Here's how you can train her to pronounce it correctly on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch.

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Over the passage of time, Siri has turned into a powerful little piece of software in its own right. Of course, where there's so much power, there are bound to be a few flaws. For instance, regardless of knowing so many tricks and throwing witty responses at a user at any given time, Siri still has trouble going through certain things, such as how specific names are pronounced. But worry not, you can actually train Siri to pronounce your name correctly, or at least bring her close enough to the real deal. And the entire process is actually quite easy. We'll walk you through all of it.

Train Siri To Correctly Pronounce Your Name

1. Launch Siri by tapping and holding the Home button on your iPhone or iPad.

2. Now verbally say 'Learn to pronounce my name.'

3. Now Siri will ask you how you pronounce your name. Just say it as it is in real life.

4. Siri will now ask you which pronunciation is the closest to how you pronounce your name. Tap on Play option 1, Play option 2, Play option 3 to audibly hear your choices. If you've found the right one, simply tap on 'Select' right next to it.

If you're not convinced with the options Siri has provided, simply tap on 'Tell Siri again' to repeat the process over for your name.

5. Siri will now repeat the process for your last name as well, and middle, if you have one.

At the end, Siri will, hopefully, be able to pronounce your name the way it should be. Though it might not be perfect, but quite frankly, it's better than the gibberish Siri makes up on her own the first time you ask her to pronounce your name.

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While we do find Siri useful in a lot of ways, but there are times when Cupertino's mobile assistant can tend to sound annoying, especially when she doesn't get things right, for example names, in this case. But thankfully, you now know how to make Siri pronounce your name correctly in a few simple steps. And oh, don't forget to let your friends know about this cool feature as well.

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