Total War: Warhammer Future Content Outlined, Will Receive Free And Paid DLC Packs

Francesco De Meo

Total War: Warhammer, the strategy game currently in development by Creative Assembly, is going to receive plenty of additional content in the form of free and paid DLC packs. The team has outlined their plans regarding the game's additional content in a new post on the game's official blog, revealing what players should expect once the game launches.

Total War: Warhammer

Like for previous games developed by Creative Assembly, Total War: Warhammer will receive both free and paid DLC content. Among the content that will be released for free for the game will be new units, new magic lores, the occasional Legendary Lord and a new playable race.

For Total War: Warhammer, you can also expect a selection of content covering more of the iconic good stuff you’ll see in the main game; from new units offering new tactical potential in battle, to new magic lores to augment certain races’ spell-casting arsenal. Perhaps most importantly for long-term replayability, you can also expect to see the occasional new Legendary Lord who will shake up a race’s strategic potential in interesting new ways. Last but not least, towards the end of the year we will add a new playable race to the game, including new Legendary Lords, magic items, quest chains, and units.

The paid DLC packs launching for Total War: Warhammer will include content that will expand the game further with new playable Legendary Lords, new Lords serving as generals, new units, new races and more. Details on these packs have yet to be finalized, but the team will announce what's specifically included in each of the paid DLC packs before they release.

Total War: Warhammer will launch on PC on May 24th on PC. We will let you know more about the game as soon as more comes in on it so stay tuned for all the latest news on Creative Assembly's upcoming strategy title.

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