Top iPad 6 Fast Chargers That are Available Right Now [List]


Here's a list of the top iPad 6 fast chargers available in the market right now that you can buy.

Top Up Your Tablet Real Quick with Compatible iPad 6 Fast Chargers - Here's the Complete List

The iPad is a big device that takes quite a bit of time to fully charge up. Of course, you can play the old trick in the book by turning off cellular data, WiFi or even turning on airplane mode to speed things up. But there are moments where you wanna forget all that, plug in the cable and fast charge away. In today's list, we will lay down all the iPad 6 compatible fast chargers you can buy right now, ensuring that you can top up your tablet at full 12W speed.

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iPad 6 Fast Chargers List

Note: Please take note of the fact that the iPad 6 does not support fast charging over USB Power Delivery (USB-C). Therefore do not waste your money on Apple's 29W power brick and a USB-C Lightning cable.

Anker PowerPort II Wall Charger

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Successor to the original PowerPort, the new one features a slicker design and features multiple USB ports for fast charging devices. Since it has two ports, this also means that you can charge up two iPad 6 tablets at full speed. Talk about bragging rights, no?

The Anker PowerPort II costs just $11.99.

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Buy Anker PowerPort II [Amazon link]

RAVPower 30W Wall Charger

iPad 6 fast chargers

While it is similar to the charger from Anker, but it has an interesting trick up its sleeve. One of the USB ports is Quick Charge 3.0 capable, which means that you can charge up a compatible device, such as a Galaxy S7, S8 or S9, at full speed apart from your iPad 6.

The RAVPower 30W wall charger costs just $15.99.

Buy RAVPower 30W Wall Charger [Amazon link]

AUKEY Ultra Compact Wall Charger

iPad 6 fast chargers

If there's no way you're going to compromise on size, then this option from AUKEY is the way to go. Not only it features multiple fast charging ports, but the charger itself is so small that you can easily fit it anywhere you like. Pick two of these up and spread them around your home or office.

The AUKEY ultra compact wall charger costs just $8.99.

Buy AUKEY Ultra Compact Wall Charger [Amazon link]

Belkin MIXIT Wall Charger

iPad 6 fast chargers

If you like things vanilla, then you can't go wrong with the Belkin MIXIT wall charger. It features a single USB port that can push out 12W of power and is backed up by Belkin's reliable name. There's absolutely nothing more you need if you have this.

The Belkin MIXIT wall charger will cost you $20.38.

Buy Belkin MIXIT Wall Charger [Amazon link]

iClever BootCube Wall Charger

iPad 6 fast chargers

This charger looks sleek, gets the job done and has a lifetime support guarantee. So apart from charging your iPad quickly, you'll have peace of mind that you're being looked after in case something goes wrong, if ever.

The iClever BoostCube will cost you just $10.99.

Buy iClever BoostCube [Amazon link]