Today’s List of Paid Games That Are Free or on Sale at the Play Store Including Retro Pixel and More

Free games for the weekend.

The Weapon King VIP - Making Legendary Swords

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Today’s List of Paid Games That Are on Sale at the Play Store Including Baldur’s Gate II and More

Warrior! Please be awake!
The world is in danger! Now Hurry!!
Evil spirits from the dark dimention are giving everyone a trouble!
Take this sword at once and forge the greatest sword!
This sword will be your greatest company in destroying all the evil spirits.
Make sure you collect all the legendary rings and necklaces with great hidden powers which could be earned during the adventure!
And take this jewelry box filled with mysterious lights!

Download The Weapon King VIP - Making Legendary Swords

Beast Towers

Beast Towers highlights:

• Experience true defense battles in 3D!

• Unlock new beast towers and evolve them!

• 40 different towers and build your defense!

• Over 15 abilities, summon the Cursed cloud!

• More than 60 different enemies, fear them, destroy them!

• Defeat a boss, and he will join you!

• Hours of gameplay

• Two game modes, dive into action with the Tsunami mode!

• High quality animated characters

Download Beast Towers

Slider Mania Wonders Pro

- 105 puzzles (PRO version)
- Without advertising (PRO version)
- You do not need permits.
- You do not need data connection
- Puzzles from 4x4 to 9x9.

Download Slider Mania Wonders Pro

Retro Pixel

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Today’s List of Paid Apps and Games That Are Free and on Sale at the Play Store Including HEXASMASH 2 and More

- Over 80 levels
- Extra unlocks and game modes
- Emulated CRT effects for that perfect retro feeling
- Great 8-bit soundtrack
- High difficulty

Download Retro Pixel

Hills Legend HD

According to the legend there was an underpass under one of the temples which led to the treasures. But once, during the earth-moving work the walls of the monastery were broken and it was decided to block the pass with rocks and fill it with concrete. Caves passes were left unexplored.
As the legend says there was one more entrance to the caves from the underground almshouse housing. Even nowadays this place isn't calm and it does not dispose to walking. But I'm planning to satisfy my interest and check out the legend of treasures...

Download Hills Legend HD

Dead Bunker 4: Apocalypse

Action where you play a role of a hired gun who went to the secret laboratory to find the information about bacteriological weapon that is being created. But something horrible happened - the virus escaped turning people into living dead! Now you'll have to help the scientists to gather information about this disease to develop antivirus. And the struggle for survival started...

Download Dead Bunker 4: Apocalypse

On sale

Doom & Destiny

* 20 hours of story and 20 hours of extras, adventures, side-quests, and more!
* Turn-based, easy-to-learn combat
* Change your party order to apply special bonuses
* 100 levels of experience
* More than 200 special powers and spells
* More than 300 enemies
* More than 500 items between potions, chips, weapons, shirts, and armor
* More than 700 locations,
* More than 10,000 lines of dialog

Download Doom & Destiny

Doom & Destiny Advanced

This is the PREMIUM version of Do&De Advanced.
* All classes are available, nothing is locked
* No annoying ads
* New content updates are delivered with no delays.

Download Doom & Destiny Advanced

World Keepers: Last Resort

Your searching skills will help us find all hiddens and solve all the puzzles!
A powerful magic is hidden inside ordinary rag dolls, and we cannot let them fall into unworthy hands!
The powers of Time Keepers can defeat the Evil that has broken out! You’ll have to figure out how to control the powers of the Keepers!

Download World Keepers: Last Resort

Weird Park: Scary Tales. Hidden object game

◇ Atmospheric locations and beautifully designed, dark & creepy levels to play!
◇ Tons of enchanted hidden objects to find, addicting quests, funny mini-games or logic puzzles to solve!
◇ Amazing cinematic cut scenes and best hidden object gameplay!
◇ Epic story-driven game - truly original storyline with unexpected ending!
◇ Equally suitable for kids, teenagers, and adults
◇ Help you revise vocabulary and have hours of fun!
◇ Improve your concentration, perception, and focus, enhance your cognitive capacities!
◇ Nice and pretty HD graphics!
◇ Catchy music and embracing sound!
◇ Play on all kind of mobile phones or tablets
◇ No Wi-Fi or internet connection required - play where and when you want!
◇Supported languages: English, French, German, Russian, Italian, Espanol, Dutch, Japanese

Download Weird Park: Scary Tales. Hidden object game

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