Today’s List of Paid Apps That Are on Sale at the Play Store Including CloudPlayer Platinum and More


Nothing free today, unfortunately. But a load of good apps on sale. Do check them out.

VGB - GameBoy (GBC) Emulator

VGB is a GameBoy emulator. It runs Classic, Color, and Super GameBoy games on your phone or tablet. VGB also emulates the pocket printer addon, link cable, rumble pack, cheat codes, and comes with cheats for dozens of popular games. Save your game progress at any moment, or even rewind gameplay back in time. Brag about it to your friends, then let them start playing where you have left off. Or play together over WiFi. VGB supports GoogleTV and lets you play using Xperia Play, Moga, iCade, Wiimote, Sixaxis, Nyko PlayPad, and other gamepads.

Download VGB - GameBoy (GBC) Emulator

Ultimate EMF Detector Special Edition

The new addition to the Ultimate EMF Detector series.
This version comes with a metal/electronic style and Sound indicator.

Use this simple app to detect electromagnetic fields and metals and amaze your friends with what your phone can do. Watch out because some people believe that sudden changes in the EM field might indicate the presence paranormal entities :p.

->Radar-like graphing of the EMF strength
->Sound and Vibration notifier
->EMF strength Color and Sound indicator
->X,Y,Z monitoring

Bonus: 4 radar styles and 4 backgrounds.

Download Ultimate EMF Detector Special Edition

Meeting Notes - Smart recorder

The simplest tool to take meetings notes. "Meeting Notes" allows you to record audio notes and take written notes during business meetings, doctor visits, family quarrels and anytime you are in a conversation. Thanks to "Meeting Notes" you can share audio recordings or meetings minutes, remember who was talking, and reduce background noise. It is also a background voice recorder, just in case you really want to be discrete.

Capture any note like never before
You just need to press the "Start" button to start an high quality voice recording process. After you've heard anything interesting, just tap one of the three audio notes button: "Meeting Notes" will retrieve the audio from the past and save it for you. Moreover, you can take any written notes during the audio registration. It's easier than it seems: you'll never miss any important note!

- Hidden voice recorder in background
- Files are arranged in sessions, to keep everything simple
- 3 different customizable record durations
- Change the recorded audio quality
- Noise reduction filter
- Easy to use interface
- Send/share an audio track via e-mail, whatsapp, dropbox, etc.

Should you have any feedback or issue, please feel free to contact us at the e-mail address you’ll find below

Download Meeting Notes - Smart recorder

Lighting Calculations PRO Key

This is the unlock key to transform the FREE version of "Lighting Calculations" to the PRO version.
This application does not work on its own. Before you buy this app, you will need to install the main app, "Lighting Calculations".

Step 1: Install the "Lighting Calculations FREE" app.
Step 2: Now, install this Pro Key to enable all the functions. (Kindly do not remove the free version of the app).

Lighting calculations:

Calculation of total flux
Lighting requirements for interiors
Quantity of luminaires
Lumens to Lux
Lux to Lumens
Lumens to Watts
Watts to Lumens
Lux to Watts
Watts to Lux
Lumens to Candela
Candela to Lumens
Candela to Lux
Lux to Candela
Lux / Foot-Candle
Compare power
Luminous efficacy calculation
Luminance converter
Illuminance converter
Type of lamps
Lamp fittings
Bulb shapes
Table luminous efficacy
Color temperature
Kruithof curve
Visible spectrum
Kelvin to RGB
RGB/HEX conversion
RGB/CMYK conversion
Fluorescent tubes
Color codes of fluorescent tubes
Power factor correction
Lux meter (compatible only on devices with light sensor)
Typical led characteristics
Power supply for strip led
Illuminance on the floor
Energy saving lamp
Photobiological safety of led
Specific power
Unit of measurement

Download Lighting Calculations PRO Key

Electrical Calculations PRO Key

This is the unlock key to transform the FREE version of "Electrical Calculations" to the PRO version.
This application does not work on its own. Before you buy this app, you will need to install the main app, "Electrical Calculations."

Step 1: Install the "Electrical Calculations FREE" app.
Step 2: Now, install this Pro Key to enable all the functions. (Kindly do not remove the free version of the app).

This app is essential for an electrician:
Wire size
Calculation of voltage drop
Calculation of current
Calculation of voltage
Calculation of active power
Calculation of apparent power
Calculation of reactive power
Calculation of power factor
Calculation of resistance
Maximum wire length
Current carrying capacity of insulated conductors
Current carrying capacity of bare conductors
Conduit fill
Sizing the circuit breaker
Operating current
Power factor correction
Power factor correction of transformer MV/LV
Capacitor power at different voltage
Earthing system
Short circuit current
Short-circuit current min (approximate method)
Short circuit current with transformer substation
Conductor resistance
Resistor color code
Inductor color code
Resistor colors from value
SMD resistor code
Capacitor code
Sum resistors
Sum capacitors
Resonant frequency
Voltage divider
Current divider
Zener diode as voltage stabiliser
Resistance to reduce voltage
Resistance for led
Battery life
Primary/Secondary winding of transformer
Antenna length
CCTV Harddrive/Bandwidth calculator
Temperature sensors (PT/NI/CU, NTC, Thermocouples…)
Analog signal values
Joule effect
Fault current of strings
Motor from three-phase to single-phase
Capacitor start motor single-phase
Motor efficiency
Motor speed
Motor slip
Maximum torque
Motor full-load current
Diagrams of the three-phase motor (6 leads)
Diagrams of the three-phase motor (9 leads)
Diagrams of the three-phase motor (12 leads)
Δ-Y conversion
Power conversion
AWG/mm² conversion table
Section conversion
Length conversion
Voltage (Amplitude) conversion
sin/cos/tan/φ conversion
Energy conversion
Temperature conversion
Pressure conversion
Ah - kWh conversion
Gauss - Tesla conversion
RPM - rad/s - m/s conversion
Torque conversion
Byte conversion
Angle conversion
Fuses application categories
UL/CSA fuse class
Tripping curves
Table of cables reactance
Table of resistivity and conductivity
Table of unitary voltage drop
IP/IK/NEMA protection classes
Appliance classes
CCTV resolutions
Thermocouple colour codes and data
ANSI standard device numbers
Electrical symbols
Electricity around the world
Plug and socket types
IEC 60320 connectors
Wiring color codes
SI Prefixes
Units of measurement
Pipes dimensions
Ethernet wiring (RJ-45)
Pinout Ethernet with PoE
Pinout Scart
Pinout USB
Pinout HDMI
Pinout VGA
Pinout DVI
Pinout RS-232
Pinout FireWire (IEEE1394)
Pinout Molex
Pinout Sata
Pinout Apple Lightning
Pinout Apple Dock Connector
Pinout PS/2
Fiber optic color code
Pinout led
Pinout Raspberry PI
Pinout ISO 10487 (Car audio)
Pinout XLR (Audio/DMX)
Pinout MIDI
Pinout Thunderbolt
Pinout SD Card
Pinout Sim Card

Download Electrical Calculations PRO Key

Duplicate File Remover(No Ads) - Duplicate Finder

Duplicate File Remover(No Ads) - Duplicate Finder is a duplicate file finder and duplicate files remover app that scans and deletes all types of duplicate files. This duplicate file remover app will help you recover loads of storage space on your device.

Duplicate File Remover(No Ads) - Duplicate Finder is a powerful duplicate file remover and duplicate file fixer app. Duplicate File Remover - Duplicate File Finder help you easily find and remove duplicate files on your Android device.

Duplicate File Remover(No Ads) - Duplicate Finder scans and displays duplicate photos, duplicate audios, duplicate videos in sets. It then serves you with the option to delete the duplicate photos by selecting the entire set or a set of images from it. The best part is even if you delete the entire set, it will ensure one copy of the photo is still with you.

Duplicate File Remover(No Ads) - Duplicate Finder will help you to delete Duplicate files and free up space on your Android device.

Download Duplicate File Remover(No Ads) - Duplicate Finder


Make your own to do list of up to 12 spoons a day to manage your energy levels

Planning your day ahead of time saves vital energy as decision making which is rushed and last minute can be tiring.

At a glance you will see that your days activities are going to be manageable as they will be within your spoon allowance.

There is even the option of adjusting your spoons allowance for the day if you have had a previous busy day, poor nights sleep or are having a flare up.

Whether for Fibromyalgia, Arthritis or other chronic illness, making choices ahead of time will empower you to feel confident making plans and give you a sense of control.

Download Spoons

CloudPlayer™ Platinum cloud music player

CloudPlayer Platinum is the premium, unlocked version of CloudPlayer.

CloudPlayer is a revolutionary music player that puts you in control of your music, no matter where it's stored. Use it as an offline music player or link your Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive to create a giant cloud jukebox for all your music. Stream or download from your cloud accounts for offline playback. Enjoy built-in cloud playlist back-up & sync, Chromecast support, hi-fidelity FLAC & ALAC lossless sound, gapless playback, 10-band EQ, Android Wear & Android Auto support and more.

CloudPlayer features:

User Interface:
♬ Snappy material design UI
♬ High resolution Artist and album images
♬ Advanced sorting options for Albums, Artists, Composers, Genres and more
♬ Default screen selectio

Download CloudPlayer™ Platinum cloud music player

Analyze your Chess Pro - PGN Viewer

• Intuitive user interface
• Multiple chess themes
• Support for tablets
• Import chess games in PGN format from internal storage of your device
• Import chess games in PGN format from Dropbox
• Import chess games in PGN format from SD card
• Paste chess games in PGN format from clipboard
• PGN specification support (comments, NAGs, tag pairs, recursive annotation variations etc)
• Games Explorer with advanced filtering (white, black, result, FEN, etc)
• Analyze a chess game displaying inaccuracies, blunders and suggesting better moves.
• Analyze a chess position
• Configurable number of engine variations (lines of thinking) during analysis (MultiPV)
• UCI chess engine support
• Open Exchange engine support (Komodo 11, Stockfish 9, Chiron, Texel, Senpai etc)
• Chess Engine Management (install/uninstall/activate engine)
• Short/Long algebraic notation support for chess moves
• Auto replay games
• Move List Navigation
• Edit games (comments, move assessments, recursive annotation variations, tag pairs)
• Share game as text or GIF via email, Twitter etc
• Share position as FEN or image via Messenger, WhatsApp etc
• Copy game or position to clipboard
• Try out your moves and/or variations in an imported PGN game
• Collection of 50 high quality grandmaster games included
• Chess opening detection for any game (including games without ECO tag)
• Engine options configuration for chess engines (both OEX and UCI)
• Partial games (chess tactics, chess endgame positions, incomplete games) support
• Receive PGN game using Share from other apps
• Receive chess position using Share from other apps (using FEN notation:
• Paste PGN game or chess position
• Record chess games (entire games, partial games, tactics) in PGN format
• Set up chess position visually

Download Analyze your Chess Pro - PGN Viewer

Photo Exif Editor Pro - Metadata Editor

What is the Exif data of picture?
• It contains Camera settings, for example, static information such as the camera model and make, and information that varies with each image such as orientation (rotation), aperture, shutter speed, focal length, metering mode, and ISO speed information.
• It also includes the GPS ( Global Positioning System) tag for holding location information where the photo was taken.

What can Photo Exif Editor do?
•Browse and view Exif information from Android Gallery or from Photo Exif Editor's integrated photo browser.
•Add or correct the location where photo was taken using Google Maps.
•Batch editing multiple photos.
•Add, modify EXIF tags:
- Camera model
- Camera maker
- Captured time
- Orientation (rotation)
- Aperture
- Shutter speed
- Focal length
- ISO speed
- White balance.
- Much more another tags...

Download Photo Exif Editor Pro - Metadata Editor