Today’s List of Paid Apps That Are on Sale at the Play Store Including Background Sound Recorder and More


No free apps today, unfortunately.

NoteLynX Pro Outliner Mindmap Wiki

Today’s List of Apps and Games That Are on Sale at the Play Store Including Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition and More

NoteLynX Pro is the unique, 3-in-1 Outliner, Mindmap and Personal Wiki. An Outliner for Hierarchical Lists, a Mindmap for Graphical Tree View and embedded Hyperlinks to cross reference your notes.

Uniquely, NoteLynX also lets a child note have Multiple Parents, enabling it to belong to multiple lists. And there are two different ways to cross-reference notes, Friend Links in the tree or embedded Wiki Links in notes.

Bored with Plain Text? NoteLynX Pro lets you use Rich Text in your notes, as well as Bullet Lists, Tables, etc.

For your peace of mind, NoteLynX also automatically keeps dated backups of your projects which you can choose to revert to at any time.

Extra Pro Features
* Ad Free
* To-Do Completion
* Advanced Search
* Alphabetic Sort
* Cloned Notes / Sub -Trees
* User Defined Categories
* Export OPML, HTML, Text
* Formatting
---Bold, Italic, Underline, Size
-- Centre, Bulleted List, Table, Text Color
---Email, Telephone
---Custom Html tags
* Style Sheets
* Templates (via Cloned Sub-trees)

Download NoteLynX Pro Outliner Mindmap Wiki

Mobile C { C/C++ Compiler }

Learn programming ( coding ) on your mobile devices.

* No internet connection is required to run code.

=== Supported Programming Languages ===
• C
• C++ 11
• Python 3
• Javascript ( Duktape )
• Lua
• LLVM Assembly
• OpenGL ES 2 GLSL

============ Supported APIs ===========
• Standard C Library, POSIX
• OpenGL ES 2.0, BSD Socket, pthread
• Clang, LLVM, libc++, Duktape, Lua, libjson
• SQLite3, SQLiteCpp, cURL, libGit2, Python3
• zLib, libPNG, libJPEG, FreeType, MiniZip
• APR, APRUtil, Expat, PCRE2, Apache Serf
• Lua, OpenSSL, Apache Subversion
• android/sensor.h

=============== Features ==============
• C/C++ auto complete.
• C/C++ syntax diagnostic.
• C/C++ jump to declaration/macro symbol/header.
• Built-in Terminal/Shell.

Customer support :

Download Mobile C { C/C++ Compiler }

Binary Translator &Converter++

Main features:
? Instant binary converter. Binary Translator instantly converts text to binary code and vice-versa. Just select the type of conversion you need (text-to-binary or binary-to-text) then start typing to see a translation in real time. Multiple languages and special characters are supported. Whatever your input, Binary Translator will convert it to binary or the other way around.
? Simple UI, fast binary conversion. Binary Translator was optimized with usability in mind so its UI is incredibly simple & intuitive to use. As soon as the app is loaded you can start typing to have your text converted to binary or add 0101 sequences to convert binary code to plain text. You also have 2 buttons to copy and paste the converted binary text in another document, send it in a message, form, etc.
? Multiple app themes. Binary Translator comes by default with a Matrix-style green-ish theme.k If that doesn’t align with your taste you can pick one of the other available themes, Material Blue or Material Dark Blue. No matter the theme the translation from and to binary is done at the same blazing speed. Now you can do binary conversions in your own style!
? Secure conversations. Prying eyes are everywhere so the beauty of Binary Translator is that you can also use it to exchange confidential messages. Just decide what you want to write, type it in and have that converted to binary. Use the Share button next to send that message via Facebook or send it in an SMS, email or whatever you feel like sharing through. Whatever your message is, once it goes through the binary text translator it will seem indecipherable. Obviously, the recipient of your message can either use Binary Translator as a binary converter or decipher text the old fashioned way (if they understand binary).

Download Binary Translator &Converter++

Root Checker Pro

Verify root access of your android device to know if your device is correctly rooted

Root Checker Pro is light-weight app to verify if your Android device has proper root (superuser or su) access. This root checker app is extremely light-weight, fast and easy to use. No more going behind regular root checker apps that provide inaccurate info about root info about your android root. With this "Root Checker" app, you will find the most accurate root info for your device.

This Root Checker app will help you rootcheck your device with accurate rootchecker libraries and let you use amazing features of getting your phone rooted.
This "Root Checker" app also lets you find out if Busy Box is installed on your android device, it also tells the busy box path. This Root Checker app is available to download and also lets you find out build info for your android device.

If you are asking questions like Why should I root my device?, What is rooting?, Is my phone rooted? Rooted or not rooted? the Root Checker app also has a section to answer these queries.

In addition to root/super user checking and busy box, this root checking app also gives the following build information about your android device -

Download Root Checker Pro

Geometry Calculator

Geometric Calculator

Calculates plane and solid figures:
Triangle, square, rectangle, parallelogram, rhombus, trapezoid, rectangle, polygon, circle, circle, ellipse.
Sphere, cube, box, cylinder, cone, truncated cone, prism, pyramid, truncated pyramid, the octahedron.

For every geometry shape there is step by step math solve solution provided! If you either a schoolkid or an undergraduate this math solver toolkit will be helpful for you!

Download Geometry Calculator

Budget Blitz Pro - money tracking and planning

Language support: Hungary, English, French, Spanish, Russian.

Budget Blitz for Android is used for accounting and planning:

• personal finances;
• very small business finances;
• small business finances.

Key Features

• Combining the accounting of personal finances and finances of a company.
• Comprehensive accounting of finances, i.e. categories, payers and payees, persons, projects are supported.
• Automatic recognition of SMS and push notifications coming from financial institutions. Amounts, commissions, categories, projects, persons, payers and payees detection, automatic balance adjustment, 160+ banks of different countries supported.
• Financial highlights on the main screen.
• Smart default values for new transactions.
• App widget acting as a customizable brief report.
• Distributed teamwork with customizable access rights.
• PC web browser driven client.
• API for receiving transactions from other applications.
• Various financial reports.

Download Budget Blitz Pro - money tracking and planning

Background Sound Recorder

Important notice: although this app is created in Russia, it does not send your recorded phone calls and dinner table talks directly to Putin without your consent. However, it can automatically send everying your phone's microphone picks up to your Google Drive, Dropbox, or FTP server, but that needs some setup.

Download Background Sound Recorder

Wedding Budget Planner

Are you planning one of the most important events of your life? Wedding Budget Planner is design to help you plan, and budget for your wedding. You can create a budget for Ceremony, Reception, Rehearsal Dinner and more. You can compute the estimate vs the actual cost, to help you remain on your budget. You also have the flexibility to create your own budget.

Guest List
To-Do List
Wedding Day Schedule
Seating Chart
Search Places Nearby

Download Wedding Budget Planner

DoorSec Simple, Quick & Easy Door Security

Use your old phone to secure almost any door in your house.

You can also secure objects like:

* Garage doors
* The phone itself
* Drawers
* Car doors
* Closets
* Paintings
* Bags and suitcases

Follow the following steps:

Step 1. Mount your phone device on the door you want to secure.
Step 2. Enter a secure mobile phone number, to receive SMS alarms (SMS charges may apply).
Step 3. Press the toggle button to arm the alarm. You have 20 seconds to close the door. Memorize the random generated PIN, if you want to disarm the alarm from inside the house.
Step 4. To disarm the alarm from outside the house, simply call the device from the secure mobile phone number device.

Tip: For extra security you can enable the screen lock with PIN or gesture.

* Log File (events)
* Low Battery Notification

Request Promo Codes:

Download DoorSec Simple, Quick & Easy Door Security