Today’s List of Paid Apps That Are Free or on Sale at the Play Store Including Speccy Spectrum Analyzer and More

Step by Step HD

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Step by Step - is a revolutionary musical entertainment, this is a real music studio, both for experienced musicians and beginners you can take with you! With the Step by Step, you can make music anywhere!

It is fast, compact and powerful application for creating music. With which you can create any kind of songs and tracks. Without any musical knowledge. You can easily create a musical masterpiece that can truly be proud of.

Download Step by Step HD

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Protector - Parental control & Child lock

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App usage history
- Allow/block app usage based on rules
- No subscriptions required
- Time based and usage based app restrictions
- App over usage alert
- App access and usage trend graphs
- Locking to one app usage
- Tracking unused apps
- This app uses the Device Administrator permission. Not required by default. (optional)

Download Protector - Parental control & Child lock

App Usage Tracker - Monitor, Track and Report

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- App usage monitor & tracker
- App usage history
- App access and usage trend graphs

Download App Usage Tracker - Monitor, Track and Report

Correlate - Symptoms Diary And Habits Tracker Pro

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- Calendar event tracker: Track habitual activities, record medical symptoms, log simple habits, check daily routines, track moods and keep a food journal all in one place. Different diaries allows you to record any event with a simple calendar.
- Statistics: analyze symptoms frequency, and perform triage on yourself: are you feeling sick very often? Did you forget a pill? Is your workout calendar on track? Are you developing good weekly or monthly habits? Are you eating health food often enough? Everything is under control.
- Correlation analysis: discover if you are allergic to anything, and how you can change habits to improve health, or improve pain management. Learn what makes you sick or give you issues and cut it from your diet / routine / habits.
- Export data: export your food log / pain journal / diet log / symptom diary, save it or share it.
- Develop healthy habits: when you track habits and you discover that they help you feel better, go for it! Improve your food management by reiterating healthy food habits, understand your headache symptoms and live a better life.

Download Correlate - Symptoms Diary And Habits Tracker Pro

Speccy ? Spectrum Analyzer

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• Assessing environmental noise for health and safety
• Tuning stereo systems or PA systems
• Identifying audio signals obscured to the ear by noise
• Testing the microphone on your device
• Comparing the sound quality of different headphones
• Testing signal generators
• Testing musical instruments
• Measuring audio signals just outside human perception. As people age over 20 years, their aural perception range drops well below 21 kHz
• And more!

Download Speccy ? Spectrum Analyzer

nBubble Pro - Notifications in a bubble

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☆ Quick send reply on the message bubble without opening each messaging app.
☆ Notify you when there’s new chats
☆ Save your time because you don’t have to stop what you’re doing to open the apps.
☆ All messenger notifications in chat heads.
☆ View message notification later.
☆ Customize your message bubbles and themes.
☆ Access messenger notification screen in lock screen.
☆ Disable nBubble chat heads for specific apps.

Download nBubble Pro - Notifications in a bubble

On Sale PRO

Made by experts for car fans and professionals in the field, Pro is the ultimate mobile guide in the world of motor vehicles.
With more than a 230 different car brands from around the world, more than 2400 car models, over 6100 generations and beyond 33500 specifications, Pro represents one the biggest and fullest online car databases ever comprised.

A dedicated team of experts cautiously gathers, check and fill in the entire technical data (year, model, make, fuel consumption, dimensions, coupé type, engine and fuel type, and more important details) in the database, updating it on a daily basis with newly-released and retro vehicles, along with one-offs and concepts.

Download PRO

PM guide for field Vets

In this app, a beneficial and practical information is compiled concisely.

The app is very user-friendly.

The app works offline mode so, no need to worry about internet speed and all.

The size of the app is less so it won't take much memory of your device.

Check out the video and screenshots, you will surely feel worth installing it on your phone.

Download PM guide for field Vets

Learn the Spanish Language: Listen, Speak, Read Pro

Study essential words and phrases to build a strong foundation of Spanish.
Gain confidence and level up your language ability with the beginner course.
200+ lessons that systematically teach and review new vocabulary, as well as help you build sentences and questions.
Designed for students to train and improve fundamental language skills & knowledge.
Recommended for anyone who wants to learn Spanish, including kids, students, travellers, and business people.

Learn the Spanish Language: Listen, Speak, Read Pro

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