Today’s List of Paid Apps That Are Free or on Sale at the Play Store Including PDF Tool and More


Another one of these. Just apps today, but don't worry, I'll have some games for you tomorrow.

Pdf Tool - Merge, Split, Watermark, Encrypt

A lightweight & very comprehensive Pdf Tool for Android Devices. very easy to use with multiple ways for modifying and creating Pdf's.


✔️ Merge multiple PDF's into Single PDF

✔️ Split single PDF into Multiple PDF's

✔️ PDF to Text Converter

✔️ Change PDF Background (Image & Color)

✔️ Images to PDF converter

✔️ PDF to Image Converter

✔️ Reduce PDF file size on One Click

✔️ Web page to PDF converter

✔️ Delete Pages from Pdf

✔️ Encrypt Pdf

✔️ Decrypt Pdf

✔️ Extract Images from PDF

✔️ Extract Pages from Pdf

✔️ Rotate Pages in PDF

✔️ Add WaterMark in Pdf

✔️ Output Directory for managing your files (open , Rename , Delete , Share)

Download Pdf Tool - Merge, Split, Watermark, Encrypt

Today’s List of Paid Apps and Games That Are Free at the Play Store Including Blu Escape – Hardcore Platformer and More

Matrix Determinant Pro

This app is the pro version of "Matrix Determinant Calculator", completely without advertisement!

This app is a math calculator, which is able to calculate the determinant of a matrix. The determinants of following matrices are available:

- 2x2 matrices
- 3x3 matrices
- 4x4 matrices
- 5x5 matrices
- nxn matrices (with more than 5 rows and columns)

Download Matrix Determinant Pro

Newtification News

Newtification News is the best way to keep up to date with news from your country and around the world!

With our real-time news notifications you will always be informed.

• MAIN COUNTRIES : We search for news in over 40,000 online newspapers from 80 different countries;

• GLOBAL SEARCH : Look for news in newspapers around the world;

• NEWS BY INTEREST : News is sent based on your interests according to the countries, categories and keywords you define;

• NOTIFICATIONS : You will be notified when we find news that matches your default preferences;

• READ LATER : You can set it to "read later" for any news received by notification or listed on App;

• REAL-TIME : In addition to monitoring the main portals, we also look for news on local sites in cities that usually publish before the big portals, so information will always arrive earlier to you;

• SHARING : You can share the news through social networks and communication applications like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc...

• KEYWORD FILTER : Create a list of keywords that will be used as filters for new news notifications;

• SITE BLOCKER : Block the sites you don't want to see in the list and in the notifications;

• CATEGORIES : News is separated by categories in each country:

Download Newtification News

Vape Tools Box [for true Geeks]

Coils? E-Liquid? Yes! Vape Tools Box!
The application is a complete set for vapers preserving coils and e-liquid recipes. The set consists of five vape tools:
- Coil calculator (microcoil and clapton coil and other) help you build coil
- Simple power calculator
- e-liquid calculator
- e-liquid mixer
- Calculator battery life of esig
- Translation unit of measure

Download Vape Tools Box [for true Geeks]

CPU Monitor PRO

Find out what slows your Android device!

CPU Monitor application provides information about all running applications on the device.
Gets the CPU usage for each process. The data collected in real-time configurable interval (1-10 seconds).

On Android devices above 5.0 may require root privileges to show all processes.

CPU usage is displayed on the notification bar and on the widget.

Download CPU Monitor PRO

Oh She Glows - Healthy Recipes

Brought to you by New York Times bestselling author Angela Liddon, The Oh She Glows Recipe App features the most popular fan-favorite plant-based recipes from the award-winning recipe blog, and stunning, vibrant food photography for every recipe. Angela has been creating healthy, veggie-packed recipes for almost 9 years, and she only shares recipes that are hits with her family, friends, and recipe testers, so you can be confident that the recipes in this collection will win over even the biggest skeptic. One thing is for sure, this healthy recipe app—named as one of the Apple App Store's Best of 2016—will have you glowing from the inside out and bursting with cooking inspiration!

Enjoy over 140 mouth-watering plant-based recipes, including more than 120 gluten-free recipes and many exclusive app recipes not shared anywhere else. Be sure to check out the bundles page, where exciting recipe bundles—both free and paid—can be accessed. The Oh She Glows Recipe App will continually have new recipes added to it; each recipe that’s published on will also be uploaded to the app, so it will grow and grow.

Download Oh She Glows - Healthy Recipes