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Time for the daily dose of shovelware.

How Many Pizzas

Today’s List of Paid Apps and Games That Are Free at the Play Store Including Blu Escape – Hardcore Platformer and More

How Many Pizzas is the application to know how many pizzas to order and how many soft drinks for a number of friends, besides being able to get the separate bills among each one of them, it also allows you to find the nearest pizzerias so that you don't waste your time consulting and you can enjoy this delicious meal as quickly as possible! How Many Pizzas has been developed with love and taste for pizza. Let's eat, it's been said!

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WDS Multilanguage

WDS - Wiring Diagram System contains all the information about electric circuits and their principles of operation for bmw cars. This handy software for viewing electrical circuits and reading manuals with your tablet or phone. To view diagrams required to download them from the Internet. Make sure that the Internet connection is established.

No more torture with outdated Windows XP and older versions of the Intenet Explorer. All diagrams and manuals opened as images and web-pages, and stored in sd-card cache, so you can open them without Internet connection. In the future, the program will grow into useful functionality, such as: favorite circuits, cache manager and cache viewer, save scheme as image, print or to share it on forums, more etc.

Currently includes the following models:
E38, E39, E46, E81, E82, E87, E88, E90, E91, E92, E93, E60, E61, E63, E64,
E65, E66, E68, X3 E83, X5 E53, X5 E70, X6 E71, F01, F02, Z4 E85, E86, Z8 E52,
Z4 E89

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Crypto Helper

Current features:
Customized algorithm based on the Vigenère cipher
Custom key enhancing 512 bit hash making keys more secure with no possibility of collisions
Frequency analysis page that tells you how many of each character are used
Optional "Noise injector" which injects random noise to further confuse attackers and defeat frequency analysis based attacks
Optional Hexadecimal encoder for forwards compatibility with characters not found on most keyboards (accents, emoji, etc)
Random key generator

More features are in testing:
AES128 and AES256 layers
RSA and SSL based public key encryption
File and folder encryption
Key file support
NFC / Bluetooth key sharing
UI tweaks
Performance boosts just to see how fast and secure this can be made
Quantum computer proof layers for all future ciphers
Custom character tables
Data compression layer

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On Sale

Change DNS Pro (No Root 3G/Wifi)

- Change Domain Name Server(DNS) settings easily.
- Unblock the restricted web content.
- Browse faster on the net after changing to proper DNS server.
- Simple UI and easy to use.
- Auto change DNS when device boot completed.
- Auto change DNS when mobile data on.

Download Change DNS Pro (No Root 3G/Wifi)

Music Scales PRO

These are the scales included in this app:

1. Acoustic Scale
2. Aeolian
4. Ahava Rabboh
5. Altered Dominant
6. Altered Locrian b4
7. Altered Mixolydian
8. Altered Pentatonic
9. Ama Lama Cooma Scale
10. Bartok Scale
11. Bebop Dominant
13. Bebop Jazz Minor
14. Bebop Melodic Minor
15. Blues Scale
16. Blues Scale 2
17. Brown-eye Rabbit Scale
21. Diminished Blues
22. Dominant 7th Scale
23. Dominant Bebop
29. Dorian
33. Dorian Hexatonic
34. Dorian Pentatonic
35. Dorico Flamenco
38. Double Harmonic Minor
40. Down in the Valley Scale
41. Enigmatic Mode 1
44. Freygish
45. Half Tone Scale
46. Half-Whole Diminished
47. Harmonic Major
48. Harmonic Major Inverse
49. Harmonic Major Mode 2
54. Harmonic Major Mode 7
55. Harmonic Minor
57. Harmonic Minor Mode 2
62. Harmonic Minor Mode 7
63. Haul Away Joe Scale
64. Hira-joshi
65. Hira-joshi Mode 4
66. Hon-kumoi-joshi
67. Hungarian Major
68. Hungarian Minor
69. In-sen
70. Ionian
71. Ionian #5
72. Ionian Hexatonic
73. Jazz Melodic Minor
74. Jazz Melodic Minor Mode 2
80. Jazz Minor Inverse
81. Kokin-joshi
82. Kookaburra Scale
83. Leading Whole Tone
84. Little Sally Water Scale-Childhood Chant
85. Locrian
86. Locrian #2
87. Locrian bb7
88. Locrian nat 6
89. Lydian
90. Lydian #2
91. Lydian #5
92. Lydian Augmented
93. Lydian b7
94. Lydian Diminished
95. Lydian Dominant
96. Lydian Hexatonic
97. Lydian Minor
98. Major Augmented Scale
99. Major b6 Scale
100. Major Bebop
101. Major Bebop Mode 7
102. Major Locrian
103. Major Pentatonic
104. Major Pentatonic Mode 1
108. Major Pentatonic Mode 5
109. Major Scale
110. Major-Minor Scale
111. Melodic Minor
112. Mi Sheberach
113. Minor Gypsy
114. Minor Gypsy Inverse
115. Minor Locrian
116. Minor Pentatonic
117. Minor Scale
118. Minor-Major Scale
119. Min'yô
120. Mixolydian
121. Mixolydian b6
122. Mixolydian Bebop
123. Mixolydian Hexatonic
124. Miyako Bushi
125. Natural Minor Scale
126. Neapolitan Major
127. Neapolitan Major Mode 2
128. Neapolitan Major Mode 4
129. Neapolitan Major Mode 5
130. Neapolitan Minor
131. North Wind Scale
132. Overtone Scale
133. Phrygian
134. Phrygian b4
138. Phrygian-Mixolydian
139. Prometheus
140. Prometheus (Liszt)
141. Prometheus Neapolitan
142. Ring Around the Rosie Scale
143. Ritsu
144. Rock Minor Scale
145. Row, Row Mode 4
146. Row, Row Mode 5
147. Row, Row Scale
148. Ryûkû
149. Spanish Major
150. Spanish Scale 8-Note
151. Super Locrian
152. Super Locrian bb7
153. Suspended Pentatonic
154. Threshing Song Scale
155. Verdi’s Enigmatic Ascending
158. Zeg moeder Scale

Download Music Scales PRO

Ear Training PRO

On the rhythmic exercises you will listen a rhythmic formula and you have to indicate what is missing on the staff.

Music has rhythm and melody. Being able to listen some music notes and knowing whats going on in terms of pitch and duration is an important ability for a musician. Ear training helps you to read a sheet music without an instrument and knowing how it sounds.

If you are taking guitar lessons or piano lessons this app will be very useful for you. Playing piano music or guitar music is better done when you have a clear idea about music notes values and pitch.

Ear training is vital to understand music theory. How to play guitar or how to play piano is not just a matter of moving your fingers, it has a lot to do with listening and knowing what you are listening to.

Perfect pitch is not a requirement to enter a music school because there will be ear training lessons. So this app is something you must have if you are on singing lessons, trying to learn how to read music, studying music scales, playing violin music or reading piano sheet music.

Download Ear Training PRO

Drums Sheet Reading PRO

It includes:

- seventy lessons
- seventy quizzes

These exercises correspond to several contemporary music styles for the Drum Set:

- Rock Pop
- Blues Rock
- Jazz
- Funk
- Latin Music
- Fusion

Download Drums Sheet Reading PRO