Today’s Deal: Light Up Your World for the Next 20 Years Right from Your Phone


Do you ever want to get the sunlight right in your bedroom, without having to get up from the bed for the curtains? Or, do you dream about those party lights that change with the beat of the music? Ilumi LED smartbulb is that awesome creation that helps you wirelessly program and control your lighting. Create a dreamy night, a party feel or a scheduled sunrise - ilumi LED smartbulb does all of that and more for you.

ilumi led smartbulb

25% off ilumi LED Smartbulb:

The A19 ilumi Smartbulb is a color-tunable LED light you can control and program wirelessly. Using the free app, you can adjust the color and brightness of your lighting or explore amazing built-in programs to experience lighting like never before. Plus, ilumi lasts up to 20 years and is 5x more energy-efficient than a regular bulb.

  • Sync the light to pulse with the beat of your music
  • Wake up naturally with a scheduled sunrise
  • Create, save & replay your favorite lighting scenes
  • Make it look like someone’s home when you’re away
  • Let your light guide you, turning on & off as you move from room to room
  • Save on your energy bill
  • Control from up to 150 feet away via Bluetooth

ilumi smart light

The Ilumi LED smartbulb is compatible with both the iOS (6.0) and Android (4.3+) operating systems. You can use your iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Note lineup, Nexus devices, and HTC One to wirelessly control the devices.

Originally priced at $60, you can now get the ilumi LED smartbulb for just $44.99 at a 25% discount.