Tim Cook Responds to Email Saying He Is Committed to the Mac – We Should Stay Tuned


The fact that Tim Cook didn’t announce any product related to the Mac lineup would give consumers second thoughts of the company’s commitment towards its desktop and notebook lineup. However, the CEO has ensured that he and the company has not given up on the lineup.

Tim Cook States to Stay Tuned for the Arrival of the New Mac Series

We understand that the iPhone is the bread and butter of the company’s revenue stream, but that still does not allow the tech giant to not give us a proper explanation as to why Tim Cook didn’t make any announcement related to new Mac products. According to a responded email, Cook states that we should stay tuned for new products, which means that the refreshed lineup could appear later this year. However, with less than 4 months remaining, Apple is definitely running out of time.

Intel has already announced its Kaby Lake series of processors, and the latest report suggests that the upcoming iMac and MacBook is not going to be powered by the aforementioned processors. Instead, they will be running Skylake processors, which are not bad any means, but if the company is going to be charging a fortune for these products, then they should at least incorporate them with the latest hardware.

It is said that the upcoming Mac family is going to feature AMD GPUs based on the company’s Polaris architecture, but it hasn’t been specified which chips are going to present inside the different categories of machines. What we do know is that Type-C USB ports are going to be an addition, and Apple’s upcoming MacBook is also said to feature OLED display strip to replace the function keys that you find on regular notebooks.

Unfortunately, there is no official release date of these notebooks, so we will have to continue waiting patiently till such an update is delivered to us.