This MFi-Certified Apple Watch Charging Stand is Down to Just $25 Today [Coupon Code Inside]


Looking for a stylish way to charge up your Apple Watch? Well, Dodocool's MFi-certified charging stand for the Apple Watch is down to just $25 from $39.99.

Get the Dodocool MFi-Certified Apple Watch Charging Stand for Just $25 After Entering Coupon Code

Charging the Apple Watch is a boring thing to do. Just attach the charger to the back of the Apple Watch and you're done. No drama, no elegance, nothing. But if you add a charging stand to the mix, then things start to get very interesting. There are lots to choose from and the one from Dodocool is a great option as it not only looks good but happens to be MFi-certified too which means that it has Apple's seal of approval.

Original priced at $39.99, the Apple Watch charging stand is down to just $25.07 if you apply the coupon code at checkout which you can find at the foot of this post. Once placed on the stand, the Apple Watch will start charging up immediately. But of course, you have to supply your own wall charger in order to plug in the USB cable, which, by the way, comes built right into the stand itself.

Furthermore, the stand is fully adjustable so you can either charge up your wearable while lying flat or take a more majestic route of having it upright if you so wish. And since the stand is adjustable, therefore Nightstand mode works like a charm.