Think Silicon displays first low-powered RISC-V 3D GPU at Embedded World 2022 conference

Think Silicon displays the first presentation of the company's RISC-V 3D GPU design at Embedded World 2022. The conference, held in Nuremberg, Germany, is a trade fair in which companies display their "embedded-system technologies and distributed intelligence."

RISC-V 3D GPU design appears at Embedded World 2022 by Think Silicon

Think Silicon showcased the company's new NEOX G-Series and A-Series, the company's first RISC-V-based low-power GPUs. In the press release for Think Silicon's demonstration at this year's Embedded World, the company explains:

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NEOX| G (graphics) & A (deep learning accelerator) Series IP represent a new era of intelligent GPU architectures with programmable compute shaders running on a real-time operating system (RTOS) and supported by light-weight graphics and machine learning frameworks. The new offering serves as a GPU platform to be implemented in 32-bit SoCs, addressing a myriad of applications, including next-generation smartwatches, augmented reality (AR) eyewear, video for surveillance and entertainment, and smart displays for point-of-sale/point-of-interaction terminals. Users can easily customize the heavily multithreaded system for graphics, machine learning, vision/video processing, and general-purpose compute workloads through configurable programming libraries using the same hardware blocks. NEOX IP pre-evaluation systems are available for customer testing, and Think Silicon will be demonstrating 3D/2D graphics and machine learning applications at Embedded World.

Source: Think Silicon

On Think Silicon's NEOX RISC-V GPU IP product page, the company gives further details of the new architecture:

NEOX is a parallel multicore and multithreaded GPU architecture based on the RISC-V RV64C ISA instruction set with adaptive NoC. The number of cores varies from 4 to 64, organized in 1-16 cluster elements, each configured for cache sizes and thread counts. Depending on cluster/core configuration, NEOX computes power ranges from 12.8 to 409.6 GFLOPS at 800MHz with support for FP16, FP32, and optionally FP64 and SIMD instructions.

Michael Larabel of Linux website Phoronix details a previous community-based GPU design, the "Libre RISC-V," which would have the same essentials through a system-on-chip design as Think Silicon. The project is still in development and is not as close as Think Silicon's current plans. Larabel states that the Libre RISC-V will utilize the OpenPOWER ISA, "a reduced instruction set computer (RISC) instruction set architecture (ISA) currently developed by the OpenPOWER Foundation," which is currently overseen by IBM. The project was initially developed by IBM and the industry group, which is now presently defunct.

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