These Are the Best Paid iOS Apps Gone FREE – Weekend Edition


Alas, the weekend is here, and so is our list of iOS apps gone free which you've been waiting so anxiously for.

Download Paid iOS Apps for FREE - Limited Time Offer

Next week our attention is going to turn towards the new iOS 11 GM for developers. After its release, everyone is going to start playing the waiting game for the final version of iOS 11 to arrive. Before things go into high gear, why not treat yourself to some premium iOS apps without spending a dime, eh? We knew you'd agree with us on that one. So dive right in, and start downloading the great iOS apps that have gone free today.

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Echo Dawn: Shattered Visions - Regular price $0.99, Now FREE

Unveil the world of Echo Dawn, a classic console-style RPG where discovery, strategy and challenge are at your fingertips. Fully customize your party, stats, and difficulty level. Oh and in the process you’ll save the world and be a hero of LEGENDARY proportions. Ninja included!

Download Echo Dawn: Shattered Visions for iOS [App Store link]

Paper Cutter - Regular price $0.99, Now FREE

There are cabbage, goat and wolf.
Carry them across the river, but don't leave wolf & goat or goat & cabbage together.
Remember, you can carry only 1 passenger at your boat.
You think its easy.
Only big masters can do it less then 2 minutes.

Download Paper Cutter for iOS [App Store link]

Chat Deck - Regular price $3.99, Now FREE

Chat Deck has come to guarantee long conversations with your friends, family and even business colleagues.

Made for all ages, our deck offers 144 cards, each one featuring a hand picked question guaranteed to get everyone talking. They're conversation starters great for family gatherings, car trips, dinner parties, Christmas, Thanksgiving, classroom activities, first dates, and so on. To the boldest ones, it may be used even in business meetings (of course, only when no one knows what's the topic of the meeting).

Download Chat Deck for iOS [App Store link]

Secret Browser - Regular price $1.99, Now FREE

[Secret Browser] enables you to hide your secret photos and data behind working web browser with pattern lock, passcode and touch ID

It provides the perfect privacy with passcode, double protection, decoy mode, album leve lock and photo level lock.

You have no limit on format of the media to hide. The app supports photo, video, GIF, live photo, text and URL.

Download Secret Browser for iOS [App Store link]

Studio Music Player DX - Regular price $5.99, Now FREE

This simple and smart player takes headphones like EarPods, and many other models, to a completely new level, providing the playback quality usually delivered by professional studio headphones (priced from $600).

Download Studio Music Player DX for iOS [App Store link]

EasyConvert+ - Regular price $0.99, Now FREE

EasyConvert+ is a unit converter, calculator and notepad built into one, simple package. A quick gesture brings over a dozen mathematic functions to your fingertips, so that you can calculate before you convert, then share your work.

Download EasyConvert+ for iOS [App Store link]