theHunter Call of the Wild Xbox One X Update Released; Adds 1620p (3K) Resolution Support, Improved Shadow & Texture Resolution and More


The theHunter Call of the Wild Xbox One X Update has been released by Avalanche Studios and developer Expansive Worlds.

Patch 1.3 adds support for Microsoft’s new enhanced Xbox One console, and offers some changes to the title’s multiplayer mode. “All players in a multiplayer game are now able to unlock outposts, lookout towers & structures”, the developer writes on Facebook.

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“Any unlocked structure still needs to be claimed by you in order to be used.”

Xbox One X enhancements include 1620p (3K) resolution support (up from 900p), and improved shadow and texture resolution and filtering, and higher quality vegetation meshes.

theHunter is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.