The Very Best Deals From Our Own Store From 2015 – Let’s Reminisce


We've had a great year this year, especially with the introduction of our new deal page and storefront. It's a great space to find, among other things, education and learning opportunities for prices that are just unbeatable. Knowledge is power, and we're more than happy to be able to enable that acquisition of knowledge in as many people as we can.

Reminiscing about the best deals we've had for 2015.

Looking back since we kicked it off, there are some standout deals that seemed to actually add a lot of value for the dollar spent. Four in particular stood out among the rest, and are worth revisiting once again.

Cyber Security Hacker Training & Certification Bundle

The first of those is a cyber security training bundle that gives you experience through playing and testing IT security in a controlled environment. You'll get to do all kinds of fun things and learn about the finer details of how real hackers operate. It's only $39, and comes with a certificate at the end, which is a powerful tool for potential employers. It's a burgeoning career field, so why not take the step into something new and exciting?

  • Understand the Security Code Review Guideline & the challenges that arise
  • Study Threat Modeling to understand & rate the threats targeting your application
  • Explore Buffer Overflow (program overruns the buffer’s boundary & overwrites adjacent memory)
  • Learn Integer, Stack & Heap overflow via hand on labs
  • Recognize web-based vulnerabilities & mitigate them
  • Learn SQL Injection, Cross-site Scripting & File Inclusion via hands-on labs
  • Understand Source Code Fuzzing w/ American Fuzzer Lab & Automated Analysis Techniques
  • Use automated techniques to find bugs in source code
  • Use scoping, fingerprinting & crawling w/ Burp Suite to gather info about targets
  • Bypass access control to get into web-based systems
  • Comprehend Cross-Site Request Forgery, an HTTP request sent on behalf of a victim’s browser
  • Mitigate Injection attempts that attack users through files


Unity3D Game Developer Course Bundle

Unity3D is gaining a good amount of traction, being usable on all major platforms now, even being an option for Nintendo’s 3DS. It’s adaptable, has a high degree of customization and is free for personal use. Learning how to make games can be a good way to learn programming in general, too. This bundle is only $49, and offers you the chance at earning far more than what you'll spend.

7 courses

  • Make Your First Video Game Today with Unity3D
  • The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Unity Game Development
  • Mobile Game Development with Unity3D
  • Learn to Build a 3D Puzzle Game with Unity
  • Practical Game Development in Unity 4: Level 1
  • Make Your Own FPS without Code Using Unity & Playmaker
  • Learn to Build Mobile Games Using Unity3D
Dreamfall Chapters using Unity 5

Pay What You Want: Learn to Code Bundle

With the way this works, if you pay lower than the average price, which is $13.59 at the moment, you’ll open up two of these lovely courses:

  1. Learn Cloud Computing with AWS
  2. Git Complete: The Definitive, Step-By-Step Guide

While not super exciting sounding, they do help you to better understand some very important parts of development, and the deploying of apps through AWS and using AWS as your backend. A truly novel and very useful set of skills.

But if you want to pay more than the average of $13.59 then you’ll unlock another 7 helpful courses, designed to launch you into becoming a development wizard.

  1. Advanced Ruby Programming: 10 Steps to Mastery
  2. PHP & MySQL Web Development From Scratch – Build 5 Projects
  3. Learn Linux in 5 Days & Level Up Your Career
  4. Become a Certified Web Developer
  5. Build Responsive Real World Sites with HTML5 & CSS3
  6. Become a Professional Python Programmer
  7. AngularJS: From Zero to Hero


PureVPN: Lifetime Subscription

And for those that value their time and privacy, so does PureVPN. They don’t log any of your activities, nor do they log your incoming IP address with an associated outgoing IP address from their servers. They take your privacy very seriously.

And it’s fast, too, one of the fastest VPN services due to the number of servers around the globe that they have and the connections that those servers have. So you don’t have to worry about a VPN slowing you down. And you can have a lifetime subscription to one of the best rated premium VPN services for only one payment of $69.

  • Connect w/ up to 5 devices at once at top speeds
  • Access a gigantic 550+ servers in 141 countries across 6 continents
  • Use w/ your routers, gaming consoles & smartTVs
  • Use on nearly any device w/ an Internet connection
  • Unblock Netflix, Hulu, ESPN, and more anywhere in the world
  • Receive live support 24/7
  • Encrypt data w/ proprietary software, a self-engineered network & absolutely no third-parties
  • Secure your connection on public Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Utilize unlimited bandwidth & one-click functionality

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