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The Solus Project Runs At 900P@30 On XB1; Resolution & Frame Rate Unlocked On PC


The Solus Project is a first person survival adventure game, made by Teotl Studios and Grip Games with the Unreal Engine 4.

As suggested by the image above, players will impersonate an astronaut sent to another planet to save mankind. After the spaceship crash, the astronaut is forced to deal with the extreme weather conditions of the planet in order to survive, while he explores this seemingly uninhabited planet.

The Solus Project will debut in Q1 2016 on Steam Early Access and Xbox One Game Preview, and we've reached out to the developers to learn more about it. For instance, they were able to clarify two comments made in a recent interview regarding technical details of these releases.

  • In a previous interview, you mentioned that the PC version of the game will support 1080P and 60 FPS. However, many hardcore gamers nowadays expect even more, with displays sporting 4K resolution or 144Hz - can we expect unlocked frame rate and the ability to bump the resolution up to 4K?
  • Yes, you can expect to tweak it at will. Our options menu will not offer access to too many features due to us being such a small team, but any option that will not be readily available through the menu can still be tweaked at will through the configuration files for those who really want to try and tweak the settings to be exactly as they want them to be. It is running on Unreal Engine 4 so you will be able to easily look up information on the hundreds of graphical settings available, and there is no limit on what resolution, Hz, or aspect ratio can be entered. We will also support resolution scaling by the way, so you can make the game render as if it runs in a higher resolution than your monitor can display. Other things like Field Of View will also be accessible, for players who want to play on extremely wide resolutions.
  • In the same interview, you mentioned that for the Xbox One Game Preview you're targeting sub-1080P and lower frame rate than 60FPS. Just to clarify, is that 720P@30 or 900P@30? You're still confident you can bump this to 1080P by the full release, correct?
  • The game will be released with 900p@30 into the Xbox Game Preview in early 2016 and we will continuously work on improving the performance throughout the Preview period. Our goal certainly is to reach 1080p by the time the game is in its full release.

Check out shortly for more details on The Solus Project from our exclusive interview.