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The Exiled Alpha Giveaway – Grab A Key & Try This Sandbox MMO


In July we hosted a giveaway for Das Tal, a sandbox MMO by German studio Fairytale Distillery. The game has since been renamed to The Exiled and a new alpha test begins today, ending on December 21st. We have 500 keys for you to grab below. In case you want to learn more about the game first, here's the official description and feature set as provided by the developers.

The Exiled is a social sandbox MMO where survival strategy meets skill-based PvP combat.

Cooperate or conquer, craft or combat; every decision is critical as you seek to flourish in a forsaken valley. A classless system means you shape your character to fit your style of play. With no grind, full loot and unrestricted PvP clashes, you must constantly balance risk and reward as you decide how to interact with the world and your fellow players. Craft equipment, construct your settlements and build alliances, as you explore challenging open world environments with unique geography and features. Each skirmish and siege will define your fate, as you vie to win your freedom from … The Exiled.

Meaningful PvP
- Open PvP: Engage other players in combat anywhere, anytime.
- Full loot: Carrying high-level equipment into combat means you risk losing it.
- Player-run clans: No pre-built factions. You decide who you ally with.
- City building and sieges: Build up your own towns - or raze those of your enemies.

Skill-based combat
- Full friendly fire: Make sure your fireballs hit the enemy and not your allies.
- Line of sight: Hide behind a bush to ambush your enemies - and look behind you!
- Foot steps: Every player leaves them behind - want to be a bounty hunter?

Free character development
- Fifteen class combinations: Ever played a Scythe-wielding mage?
- 80+ combat abilities: Build a lightning wall, lay explosive traps or shoot a hail of arrows.
- All equipment is player-crafted: You can tweak your gear to fit your play-style.

The Exiled Alpha Giveaway

Once you grab a code by completing the actions above, follow these instructions to redeem it and start playing.

1.) Go here and download the game patcher for your operating system.
2.) Un-zip the patcher to a folder of your choice.
3.) Run the launcher(.exe) to patch the game client.
4.) When done patching click "play".
5.) Select your screen resolution and details.
6.) Press "Play!" again.
7.) In the login screen click "New Account".
8.) Pick a user name and password.
9.) Now enter your alpha key (copy & paste works) in the "Registration Key" field.
10.) Back in the login screen click "login". Your account name and password should be filled in.
11.) Enter your email address (twice).
12.) Click "Send verification mail".
13.) Go to your email inbox and click the confirmation mail in the email from "Fairytale Distillery team".
14.) Now go back into the game and you can create your character.