The Evil Within 2 Director Talks About Freeform Exploration and That Milky Substance

Alessio Palumbo

The Evil Within 2 is now exactly one month away from being released on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Bethesda published a new gameplay trailer titled 'Race Against Time', which highlights the fact that detective Sebastian Castellanos doesn't just have to face the horrors within the nightmare of STEM. Time itself is also a factor, as the detective will have to try and rescue his daughter Lily before STEM collapses unto itself.

In an interview published on Game’s Informer October 2017 magazine (issue #294), Game Director John Johanas also revealed new tidbits on The Evil Within 2, starting with the enhanced exploration and side content in comparison to the previous installment.

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Union isn't filled with survivors and there aren't a lot of official missions to take on number wise, but some survivors you find will give you hints or small tasks to do which will, in the end, make your chances of survival a bit higher.

A lot of the optional tasks you find are actually more freeform. Sebastian has a communication device which picks up resonances left within the world. As you explore, you'll suddenly get a burst signal, which may lead you to something worth checking out.

However, not all of these resonances are "good things". For every one that may lead to you discovering an underground stash of ammunition, there's one that may lead you into a dark corner of Sebastian's subconscious.

Johanas also touched on the subject of the white liquid substance that's been noticed in several promotional images for The Evil Within 2.

That milky substance is a bit high concept. There is definitely an in-game connection as you've seen with some of the enemies and will show up in some places we haven't shown yet. Its initial concept, however, comes from entering STEM itself. The image of the characters entering this psychological world is being submerged within this white liquid, and that's where the core concept behind the imagery came from.

One of the early concepts in the game that we jumped on was that the whole world is built upon the building blocks of that white liquid, coming to form by those who create from it. In the end, it's more of a setting than a plot detail.

We'll have more coverage of The Evil Within 2 soon, so stay tuned.

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