$1,000 Apple Store Giveaway: Get the New iPhone, iPad or Whatever Else You Want!

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Mar 21, 2016

Apple is one of the most successful tech companies of the world, selling products that are wanted by almost everyone. Loyal fans of the company believe that there isn’t a single person who will hate an Apple product, if they were actually able to afford it. Fans aside, no one can deny the annual Apple sales numbers which keep beating other manufacturers by a few long miles. However, the cost remains a big deterrent for many to buy Apple products. If you have always wanted to get yourself an iPhone or the Apple Watch, you can now buy that or any other Apple product using $1,000 Apple Store credit.

Apple is about to launch a new iPhone and a new iPad is also expected to be featured at the event later today. Sign up for this giveaway today and you could be one of the first few to buy the new iPhone with this Apple Store giveaway.

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The $1000 Apple Store Giveaway

The $1000 Apple Store Giveaway

Winning loads of cash to the Apple Store is like winning the tech lottery. All you have to do is enter to take home $1000 of Apple credit–to use as you see fit. From a brand new iPhone 6s to a new Apple TV, the choice will be yours, and yours only.

Apple’s gadgets come with some serious price-tags attached. Enter this Apple Store giveaway and you could be the lucky winner to get anything that you like from Apple Store.

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