Want To Text When Out Of Service? Now You Can Thanks To goTenna For iOS And Android

We all know how irritating loosing the signals on your smartphone can be. Whether you're off to the the countryside or gone hiking with friends, loosing signals can be a real pain. And if an emergency arises and you're out of range, well heavens help you then. And it seems that help has indeed arrived. Now you don't have to worry about loosing signals when out with friends. goTenna wants to help you out when need arises. The company is providing a hardware accessory coupled with a software app to solve this problem. This creates a network with people having connected goTenna sticks to their devices and communicating through them.

goTenna Antenna Connects Wirelessly To Your iOS Or Android Phone - Can Communicate Up To 50 Miles

To text without a network, you'll need a goTenna antenna. This connects wirelessly to your phone and allows you to text other users with similar goTenna devices. According to the company, you can now communicate with users up to 50 miles away through low frequency radio waves. Of course, mileage is expected to vary significantly depending on mountainous ranges and so. Battery life on the device is less than amazing however. The goTenna antenna is expected to last for 30 hours of continuous use. With moderate use, the battery is expected to last for 72 hours and with no use it will last for a year and half, according to the company.

More from the company here:

"The device pairs wirelessly over BluetoothLE to the goTenna app (available on iOS and Android), allowing you to send and receive text messages and share GPS locations on beautiful offline maps via low-frequency radio-waves over relatively high range (up to 50 miles). The goTenna app has automatic message retry and will let you know when your message has been delivered to the intended recipient. You can create your own networks with goTenna, with the ability to designate specific individuals or groups as your message recipients, as well as opt into public conversations with others within range. Not only does the service offer end-to-end encryption and optional self- destructing messages, enabling users’ privacy, thanks to goTenna’s advanced networking protocols, no messages will interfere or overlap with each other."

A video uploaded on vimeo shows how the device is expected to work:

A two pack of antennas can be bought for $149. To learn more, click here.

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